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Bosh + Wade = LBJ to follow?

Posted: July 7, 2010 in NBA

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Chris Bosh was pairing up with someone, we assumed it was LBJ, it’s Wade.

This certainly changes things for LBJ.  His hand is being forced.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this for LBJ.  We were supposed to wait with bated breath for him to decide his future and that of the NBA.  If this story is true, then who can LBJ pair with or who is left to pair with him. Dirk, Rudy Gay, and J-double re-upped with their respective teams, Amar’e is Empire State property. Young Chris. Paul Pierce opted out basically to force the C’s to pay him more guap, advantage Pierce. 

LBJ has a few options, stay in CLE with the same cast and keep getting the same results or take a chance on Chi or go to SoBE with Bosh and Wade.

Home is where the heart is but rings are where the trios are.  LBJ, it seems the air has been taken out of your decision.  Did you honestly think you were gonna convince Bosh to come to CLE?  Really son?  Or was that cover for when you go elsewhere by saying, “I tried to upgrade our team. It didn’t work.

Now as we await the formal announcement from the Heat, LBJ’s all that’s left. Then maybe we do this all over again with less frenzy next summer, with Melo.