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Rob of BlackSportsOnline has a story about a potential Amar’e-Melo-Parker Knicks’s triumvirate. Rob has a strong opinion about Melo’s moving to NY.

At this point Carmelo is just a fantasy, while Parker more of a possibility.

While Stank-0 reads BSO quite frequently, Stank-0 sees Melo’s moveability very differently or else there wouldn’t be a post right now. The Nuggets are watching the Summer of LeBron very closely because next summer will be Melo’s time.  He will be the highest profile free agent available.  They are looking at the Cavs potentially getting nothing in return for LBJ, and they will not go that route. 

Which is why the news that the Nuggets were looking to deal Melo is not that surprising or shocking. While it would be painful to move Melo, the Nuggets have an owner who is unwilling to go through the circus that this summer’s free agent class have fostered nor getting nothing in return. 

Stank-0 will echo Mark Kiszla.  If Melo hasn’t signed the 3 year, $65M extension by the end of the summer, he’s gone.