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Fifa probes Suarez handball

By now, you’ve heard about the Hand of God that saved Uruguay’s World Cup run.  Well, FIFA may indeed bring the hammer down on Suarez. He’s being hailed as a hero, in Uruguay, for his handball.  He loses a game and FIFA may decide to take more but that’s not what’s important here. 

FIFA will come down on Suarez like a pile of bricks on top of a golden anvil because they want us to avoid the real issue: a handball on a “sure” goal should be a goal.  Take for example the NBA, goaltending is automatic points no questions asked.  Hell if you hit the backboard in the NBA and the ball is interefered with you get points, and the shot could have been waaaaaaay off. You could counter with but they gave Ghana a penalty kick.  Wouldn’t that be punishing Ghana in a way?  “Listen, I know you boys played it straight and got the header 99.9999% of the way in but you have to try again.”  That sounds ridiculous just typing it out. They had a goal taken away and then had to try again. The only comparable sport to do this sort of foolishness is the NFL, but on a goalline penalty, the offense is usually moved to the 1 yard line.

Stank-0 said all that to say this, change the handball in the goal rule. If putting your hands in the way is the only way to stop a goal, then it should be a goal.

[Disclaimer: Stank-0 quoted sure because that header was the closest to a sure thing in this World Cup.]

Agree? Disagree? Different suggestion? The floor is yours.

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