All is forgiven

Posted: July 2, 2010 in soccer, sports opinion

Play on!

Stank-0 drew a line in the sand with FIFA and the World Cup. Because they were fine living in the stone age, Stank-0 was gon’ leave them there. Stank-0 was prepared to go to the mattresses. Godfather.

At the 11th hour, FIFA realized the error of their ways and relented in the face of Stank-0’s insurmountable logic international outcry.  Of course, they have to save face by saying technology, ie instant replays, will only be used in the case of goals, not for offsides.  Whatever let’s you sleep at night, son! 

What FIFA doesn’t understand is that offsides will be enveloped in the instant replay.  If you only look to see if the goal is good and miss the off sides, nothing is fixed.  Refs will have to rewind the tape to get a look at the entire play.

Stank-0 doesn’t like to nitpick in victory, merely bask in its warming glow. So with FIFA’s decision, Stank-0 is back on board with the World Cup. Game on!

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