The new "Madden Curse?"

Posted: June 29, 2010 in NFL, sports opinion
I’m sure you all know about Kim Kardashian, reality TV starlet.  Well she and Reggie Bush had been together for quite sometime until after the Saints won the Super Bowl.  “What does this have to do with the title?”, you ask.  Well Reggie was largely a non-factor while they were together.  The hope is now he can focus on football and start to produce and live up to his #2 draft status. 

Story photo: Kim Kardashian Has a New Football Beau!

Well, Ms. Kardashian has latched onto yet another NFL player, Dallas Cowboys rising star WR Miles Austin. Last year, absolutely was Austin’s break out season.  He was ballin for real, for real.  I guess it’s his turn to fall under the Kardashian curse.  Poor lil lo Austin.

Which brings me to my point.  NFL fans know about the Madden curse.  Whomever graces the newest addition of Madden will have something go inexplicably wrong with his season.  It has happened without fail.  Well now there may be a new curse brewing the Kardasiahn curse.  Ironically, Reggie won the Super Bowl, however, it wasn’t due to his play. 

Austin could catch a double whammy curse by gracing Madden and dating Kim.  He would lose his season and the Cowboys would inexplicably win the Super some point while they are together. 

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