A reluctant decision

Posted: June 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Stank-0 had to toss and turn on this one.  Admittedly, Stank-0’s resolve has wavered as far as some of his other decisions, but this one will stick.  You ready?

Stank-0 is done with FIFA related futbol.  Stank-0 will not watch another game. Shocked?  Don’t be. FIFA is steadfastly ignoring the obvious signs.  When you have refs making bad call after bad call and then FIFA refusing to correct an easily fixable mistake something must be done.

FIFA head Blatter that this generates controversy which gets eyeballs on the game.  Not this pair.  When you are that arrogant, then you must be checked. Either utilize the technology available or lose fans. Stank-0 realizes he is just one man, but it has to be done.

US fans reamed MLB until they used replay for homeruns and what happened? It fixed home runs. Yet, we still complain because these men are asked to make split second calls without any sort of aid. Jim Joyce anyone? The NFL gets it right most of the time and the NBA has replay for shot clock violations and end of the quarter/game/half shots.  The NBA Finals officiating was spotty at best but on Game 7 they let them boys play. You’ve heard nary a word about the refs in Game 7.

Let me dispel this notion that it would slow down the game.  Um…you have players flailing and rolling around on the pitch every 5 minutes, how does that not slow the game down?  We have to wait for the theatrics to cease before continuing to play. 

It is coincidental that Stank-0 made this decision after Ghana sent USA home, but it was brewing especially after a series of bad calls against the USA beginning with Slovenia.  This one will not be a hard decision to live by as the South Africa World Cup is being marred by bad officiating. 

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