Posted: June 3, 2010 in MLB

It is with great reluctance that Stank-0 learned this but Ken Griffey Jr has retired from the game of baseball. 

Stank-0 remembers when Junior was the biggest name and draw in baseball.  It feels kinda sad to be talkin about Junior walkin away from the game.  Junior still has the sweetest swing in the history of baseball. Junior’s swing=Shuttlesworth’s jumper. FACT.

Stank-0 will always remember the ease Junior played the game in the 90s.  He was baseball.  We were talkin about him assaulting the homer run total.  Alas, injuries took many years of his prime from him. 

Junior’s time was up after the 1994 strike in retrospect, after they started playing again, we were enamored with the stratospheric homers of McGwire and Sosa and Junior receded into the background.  We were wrong to dismiss him because Junior never messed with his body, he simply gave his body to the game.  And we love him for it.

 Ken Griffey Jr, to many your name will still be mentioned with the immortals of this game.  You got to play a kid’s game but we got to watch and for that Stank-0 considers us more lucky. 

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