Draft grades

Posted: April 23, 2010 in draft, NFL
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It is that time of year again folks.  We are in the midst of the NFL draft.  The first round is over and so grades can be assessed…to the 2007 draft class.  You cannot adequately assess a player until about 3 years after they have been in the league. 

So let’s take a look at that draft.  A quick perusal and only a handful of players have had a serious impact.  They are Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, Darrelle Revis, Leon Hall, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Meriweather, Jon Beason, Greg Olsen, and Anthony Gonzalez.

The first pick, JaMarcus Russell, is dealing with ballooning weight and the prospect of losing his job. Other notable players are LaRon Landry who’s having trouble with the Redskins defensive schemes and Ted Ginn Jr who recently was dealt from the Dolphins to the 49ers.

This is just the 1st round.  Let’s continue. Round 2 Impact players: Kevin Kolb, Zach Miller, John Beck, Sidney Rice, LaMarr Woodley, and Steve Smith.  We are getting smaller here.  Out of this group, Rice has had the biggest breakout.  We will have to wait on Kolb since he becomes the man in Philly this season.

Round 3: biggest name is Trent Edwards.

Round 4: Antonio Pittman and LeRon McClain.

Round 5: Kevin BossWilliam Gay.  Interesting side note: Troy Smith pick #174, last of the round.

Round 6: Nick Folk (kicker)

Round 7: Tyler Thigpen, Jason Snelling, Ahmad Bradshaw

Supplemental draft: Jared Gaither

Undrafted: Pierre Thomas

Not sure if this doesn’t poke holes in the theory that you can find value later in the draft.  Now Stank-0 only highlighted players that he has heard of or are making a splash in the league.  Stank-0 will try to make this an annual thing to evaluate the draft three years prior. 

So in three years time, Stank-0 will look back at the 2010 draft and hopefully Suh, Bryant, etc are doing their thing in the league.

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