The case of conference expansion

Posted: April 19, 2010 in sports opinion
It has been reported that the Big 10 (11) is seeking to enlarge.  Normally, Stank-0 would not have an issue with it, HOWEVER, two Big XII schools are targeted.  Those schools are Missouri and Nebraska.  Why not grab from a mid major?  The obvious choice would be Notre Dame but they ain’t about to share any of that football money with the Big 10.  

The Big 10 (11) can entice because their contract is wonderful.  By comparison, the Big XII’s contract doesn’t reup for another couple years and it’s already being outpaced by the SEC and the Big 10 (11).   

Stank-0 really has no problem with conference expansion except everyone wants to take from the Big XII.  Colorado is supposedly considering a move to the Pac 10, the SEC is supposedly looking at Oklahoma and Texas, and the Big 10 (11) is eyeing two schools as well.  In order to help you, Stank-0 will break this all down. 

Colorado has a strong chance of joining the Pac 10.  It’s location is perfect and it is academically strong.  The only downside is that it’s athletic department is relatively weak even for the Pac 10, shots fired. 

Texas and Oklahoma ain’t goin nowhere, for now.  The SEC is not strong enough academically for either Texas or Oklahoma to consider the move. Besides athletics, this is about the ability to get research grants which means your institution needs a conference with a strong academic track record.  Geography precludes a move to the Big 10 (11) for either school, so for now they stay put.

Lastly, Nebraska and Colorado going to the Big 10 (11)?  Stank-0 would say there’s a 50/50 shot that the Big XII loses one of the two.  The Big 10 (11) is strong academically, has good athletics, and got a phat contract.  The only question is does either school want to be a bottom feeder in the Big 10 (11) or at least compete in the Big XII North.  The sport in question is football, the rainmaker in college sports. 
The problem with this expansion is that it creates a chain reaction.  If the Big XII loses one school they have to poach from a mid major and that mid major has to poach, and so on and so forth. 
Big 10(11) just do everyone a favor and grab Notre Dame.  If their football program is content to have a TV contract filled with games no one wants to watch, then leave the football program out of it.  If the Big 10 (11) wants to sell ND on this move, then pitch it in terms of relevance.  If ND’s football program doesn’t make this move, they will become irrelevant. 

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