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Memory lane

Posted: April 27, 2010 in dunk, memory lane

So Stank-0 was sitting late last night and thought back to the first dunk.  Dunking as an activity is now very rare.  Ah to be younger again.  It’s as clear as yesterday.

Don’t get it twisted, Stank-0 got bunnies.  Anyway, the first dunk in a pick up game was back in undergrad.  Stank-0 was working the front desk so he couldn’t hoop with the fellas no more.  [That job didn’t last long.  Boring as all get out. Dealing with random f*ckery all the time. Didn’t get to kick it with the fellas.
Anyway, so at 12A a young Stank-0 decided to go down to the gym and shoot about 100 jumpers.  That was the plan, but it ain’t happen.  Stank-0 walked in the door and these cats were playing 21.  Stank-0 makes 4 so we got 2 on 2.
The only thing Stank-0 remembers is that someone shot too hard and Stank-0 perfectly timed his tip dunk.  Of course there was the primal scream [which became Stank-0’s post dunk signature.]
The next dunk was also a tip dunk.  Frankly, Stank-0 doesn’t even remember how he got up that high.  The ball bounced hard off the rim and Stank-0 just caught it.  The images in Stank-0’s head are simply him up in the air catching the rebound and sending it down…AAAAAAAAND the primal scream. 
The time after that was when my boy who was at KU chasing the dream of playing college ball, transferred to Nebraska, but was down for the weekened.  His little brother went up for a layup but it caromed off the glass too hard.  The play was in slow motion.  Stank-0 was about 5 steps behind him when he went up.  As soon as he went up, Stank-0 knew the ball was coming off the rim.  Stank-0 dunked it hung on the rim (which you weren’t supposed to do) and came down screaming.
The next time was a lob.  The guy just threw it up and Stank-0 went after it.  Had no idea where Stank-0 was in relation to the rim, but next thing Stank-0 knows he’s hanging on the rim.  Stank-0 does a pull up and then comes down…you guessed it…screaming. 
The most infamous dunk [the one my boys will still bring up to this day in fact] was the windmill off a drop step at the Y. Actually Stank-0 dunked twice there on the same outing. 
Now Stank-0 did dunk on someone but he was small so it don’t really count.
Stank-0 had some near misses. 
  •  A lob that was perfect but Stank-0 tried to cock it back in the air and it went of the back of the rim.
  • The lob that Stank-0 was gonna reverse but got pushed as soon as he went up. 
  • The near tip dunk except for two guys were hanging on as Stank-0 went up.  
If Stank-0 ever procreates, hopefully his son or daughter will be terrorizing the rim and letting out primal screams too.
Stank-0 aka Still got bunnies aka you can still get served!

Draft grades

Posted: April 23, 2010 in draft, NFL
Where dreams come true and people enter new tax brackets

It is that time of year again folks.  We are in the midst of the NFL draft.  The first round is over and so grades can be assessed…to the 2007 draft class.  You cannot adequately assess a player until about 3 years after they have been in the league. 

So let’s take a look at that draft.  A quick perusal and only a handful of players have had a serious impact.  They are Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Marshawn Lynch, Darrelle Revis, Leon Hall, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Meriweather, Jon Beason, Greg Olsen, and Anthony Gonzalez.

The first pick, JaMarcus Russell, is dealing with ballooning weight and the prospect of losing his job. Other notable players are LaRon Landry who’s having trouble with the Redskins defensive schemes and Ted Ginn Jr who recently was dealt from the Dolphins to the 49ers.

This is just the 1st round.  Let’s continue. Round 2 Impact players: Kevin Kolb, Zach Miller, John Beck, Sidney Rice, LaMarr Woodley, and Steve Smith.  We are getting smaller here.  Out of this group, Rice has had the biggest breakout.  We will have to wait on Kolb since he becomes the man in Philly this season.

Round 3: biggest name is Trent Edwards.

Round 4: Antonio Pittman and LeRon McClain.

Round 5: Kevin BossWilliam Gay.  Interesting side note: Troy Smith pick #174, last of the round.

Round 6: Nick Folk (kicker)

Round 7: Tyler Thigpen, Jason Snelling, Ahmad Bradshaw

Supplemental draft: Jared Gaither

Undrafted: Pierre Thomas

Not sure if this doesn’t poke holes in the theory that you can find value later in the draft.  Now Stank-0 only highlighted players that he has heard of or are making a splash in the league.  Stank-0 will try to make this an annual thing to evaluate the draft three years prior. 

So in three years time, Stank-0 will look back at the 2010 draft and hopefully Suh, Bryant, etc are doing their thing in the league.

Just watch the clip.  LBJ’s teammates went ballistic.

It has been reported that the Big 10 (11) is seeking to enlarge.  Normally, Stank-0 would not have an issue with it, HOWEVER, two Big XII schools are targeted.  Those schools are Missouri and Nebraska.  Why not grab from a mid major?  The obvious choice would be Notre Dame but they ain’t about to share any of that football money with the Big 10.  

The Big 10 (11) can entice because their contract is wonderful.  By comparison, the Big XII’s contract doesn’t reup for another couple years and it’s already being outpaced by the SEC and the Big 10 (11).   

Stank-0 really has no problem with conference expansion except everyone wants to take from the Big XII.  Colorado is supposedly considering a move to the Pac 10, the SEC is supposedly looking at Oklahoma and Texas, and the Big 10 (11) is eyeing two schools as well.  In order to help you, Stank-0 will break this all down. 

Colorado has a strong chance of joining the Pac 10.  It’s location is perfect and it is academically strong.  The only downside is that it’s athletic department is relatively weak even for the Pac 10, shots fired. 

Texas and Oklahoma ain’t goin nowhere, for now.  The SEC is not strong enough academically for either Texas or Oklahoma to consider the move. Besides athletics, this is about the ability to get research grants which means your institution needs a conference with a strong academic track record.  Geography precludes a move to the Big 10 (11) for either school, so for now they stay put.

Lastly, Nebraska and Colorado going to the Big 10 (11)?  Stank-0 would say there’s a 50/50 shot that the Big XII loses one of the two.  The Big 10 (11) is strong academically, has good athletics, and got a phat contract.  The only question is does either school want to be a bottom feeder in the Big 10 (11) or at least compete in the Big XII North.  The sport in question is football, the rainmaker in college sports. 
The problem with this expansion is that it creates a chain reaction.  If the Big XII loses one school they have to poach from a mid major and that mid major has to poach, and so on and so forth. 
Big 10(11) just do everyone a favor and grab Notre Dame.  If their football program is content to have a TV contract filled with games no one wants to watch, then leave the football program out of it.  If the Big 10 (11) wants to sell ND on this move, then pitch it in terms of relevance.  If ND’s football program doesn’t make this move, they will become irrelevant. 

Goal of the year?

Posted: April 18, 2010 in soccer

This needs to be seen to be believed.  A defender, Douglas Maicon, juggles the ball several times before sending this into the net.  Just beautiful.  Hopefully this is getting you all ready for the World Cup in South Africa.

[shout out to Yahoo! Sports]

Dunks of the season

Posted: April 17, 2010 in dunk, NBA

I know I haven’t been posting regularly.  Here is my attempt at penance.  Yahoo’s top 10 dunks of the season.

I have to say that DWade’s dunk should be #1.  Also, I think it’s Ryan Hollis’ dunk should even be on there.

Thoughts? Disagree?  Agree?

Coaching conundrum

Posted: April 9, 2010 in sports opinion
With Don Nelson becoming the winningest coach in NBA history, recently, it has put coaches back under the spotlight.  My blog brotha, Ed, had some disparaging words regarding Nelson, and that’s fine.  You should go read it, and then come back here.
This brings up a few things.  We universally laud Pat Riley, Red Auerbach, and Phil Jackson as coaching gurus, but Nelson is considered a cut below.  Why?  Because he has no rangs (rings).  A title does mean anything except you had some superior talent.  Those three coaches have probably coached more players from the 50 greatest than anyone in the NBA. 
Riley: Magic (the greatest PG in NBA history), Worthy, Jabbar.  Exactly.
Auerbach: Bob Cousy, Russell.  Stank-0 gonna stop right there.  Russell is arguably the greatest defensive player to EVER lace up some sneakers. 
Jackson: MJ (enough said), SP (one of Stank-0’s favorite NBA players and multi-positional to boot), Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc, Kobe, GP, Mailman, the Diesel/Shaq (He was a monster in the 3-peat and became Shaq later on). 
Each of those coaches has coached at least two first ballot admissions to the Hall of Fame.  Honestly, if they didn’t win rangs with that talent, they would have needed to re-evaluate their entire life situation. 
Nelson on the other hand has given us some offensive juggernauts (No X-men): Run-TMC, the Nash-Nowitski-Finley triumvirate, and the B-Diddy-Jackson-Barnes-we can switch everything team.  He manned the sidelines of one of the greatest upsets in NBA history:  the 8 seed Warriors over the 1 seed Mavericks. 

However, Nellie has never had a game changer on his team.  NEVER.  So to punish him for something he had no control over is wrong. 

Honestly when Stank-0 thinks of the best coaches the name at the top is John Wooden.  When you go consecutive years undefeated and winning chips…Also when the man coaching the team that finally breaks your streak becomes famous because he broke your streak, you’re on another plane.  We wouldn’t know what a Digger Phelps is if he hadn’t been fortunate to beat UCLA. 

Agree? Disagree? Different opinion?

[Disclaimer: Stank-0 has never NEVER been a fan of Phil Jackson, and never will.  For starters, the triangle offense is a product of Tex Winters.  He also liked to pop off at the mouth when he knew he had the best talent on the floor.  That’s like hustling backwards, Stank-0 can’t get behind that.]  

On location: Red Sox @ Nationals

Posted: April 5, 2010 in MLB, Nationals

It was the last tune up before the season starts and the Nationals are not ready. Stank-0 was late getting to the game and the Nats had already given up two homers.

It would have been better if the Nats had played some team closer in talent.  They couldn’t have learned too much because they got smashed from the bounce.

No offense to speak of.  Literally none.

For some odd reason they kept Strasburg away.  Stank-0 doubts an exhibition will be counted for statistical purposes.  Why not put him in the deep end and see how he makes out?   You paid the man at least take his arm out for a spin.

The Nats are turrible but Nationals Park really is a sight to behold.  Views of the Big Penis Washington Monument from the nose bleeds.  Cherry Blossom ring the stadium and of course Uncle Ben’s is in the cut.

 Nats’ fans, prepare for another loooong season.  The center fielder will be a lone bright spot, though.  He has some significant range. 

UPDATE!:  Yes, McNabb is a Redskin, but the only NFL post Stank-0 will do at this point is concerning the draft.  It’s beyond waaay too early to be talking NFL moves.  Thankfully, he wasn’t exiled to Oakland.