The end of the run

Posted: March 21, 2010 in college basketball, KU, NCAA, the Dance
[Disclaimer: This post will be one of the kind.  That’s all that will be said.]

This post had to be done by none other than Stank-0.  My alma mater, the University of Kansas, is out of the tourney.  It was a shock to the system.  See, I’m Kansas born and Kansas bred and a Kansan til I’m dead.  With that comes a few things, such as pulling for the Jayhawks regardless of whether they have 4 NBA first round draft picks or they are recovering from losing them.  It also means that you can be honest with yourself, but never share those feelings with the wider sports world. 

I mean I could talk myself and others into thinking the Jayhawks were championship material, but I always had a few moments of doubt.  It just felt like something was missing.  I believe that championship caliber teams have this eff you gear they hit and KU seemed to lack it.  KU is methodical which is good, but they don’t go all out.  As of today, I believe that Cuse and UK have that eff you gear.  I watched Cuse’s eff you gear against Nova and saw UK’s eff you gear against Wake Forest last night.  It’s when you see the opponent is on the ropes and you just punch him out of the ring.  You don’t knock him out you knock him out of the ring, send him tumbling onto the writers.  You see, I realized our Achilles heels a while back and hoped to Almighty God that it wouldn’t rear its ugly head during the most important month of college basketball.

This year’s edition of the Jayhawks are poor at defending the three.  I saw this flaw during a few trap games and especially during the loss to Tenn and Ok St

And man if God did not hear my prayer.  See I was hoping that we would get UNLV because we match up better with them than a bunch of undersized gunners, but we got the gunners. 

I knew about halfway through the game yesterday they were gonna lose.  Sherron Collins was trying to shoot us back in the game and was having the opposite effect.  See Collins has this habit of trying to take over the game when it is not in his abilty to do so.  UNI’s D was simple, keep the man in front of you by moving your feet and don’t reach!  It’s a very simple concept but it doesn’t happen very much anymore in college or NBA basketball.  Combine that with the taller defenders, Collins was a non-factor. 

I love the Chi-town Killah’s (shout to Ed) game and hope he can latch on in the NBA, but he has been in a slump for about 12-15 games.  His offensive efficiency has declined and he is making needless turnovers. 

I still believe in Bill Self, he’s a good coach.  Remember he took Tulsa to the Elite 8.  The man knows his X’s and O’s, but this year was not meant to be.  So I’ll still watch the rest of the tourney (with lower blood pressure) and hope that Cuse and UK meet on April 5th.  KU you gave us another good season.  See you next year.

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