Double Play- the more things change the more they stay the same

Posted: March 7, 2010 in college basketball, double play, free agency

Stank-0 said it himself.

The #1 ranking is a bulls-eye.  You will get every teams best ball.  The arena will be filled to capacity and absolutely rocking.  When you lose fans rush the court. 

‘Cuse wasn’t listening and fell as a result after their first week at #1 since the 80’s.  The question is now who is gets to wear that bulls-eye?  Do they want it?  I can answer my own question.  With KU beating Missouri today, they will reattain the #1 ranking.  Thus far in the season, they have been #1 15 of 20 weeks this season, I think. 

Antrel Rolle and Kerry Rhodes
courtesy of Getty Images

The new old Cards
So now Warner, Boldin, Dansby, and Rolle are all gone.  They have Breaston, Fitz, Wells, and Hightower…with Matt Leinart as the signal caller.  Uh…that wouldn’t infuse me with lots of confidence.  The Cards will not go back to the playoffs next season, let alone winning the NFC West.

It’s not all bad they did add get Kerry Rhodes to replace the departed Rolle.

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