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Free agent news

Posted: March 6, 2010 in free agency, NFL

[Disclaimer: State the Case- take the shot has been prematurely ended.  Unfortunately for us, ESPN on ABC talked at length on that very subject last Sunday.  I informed Stank-0 to let him know.  Needless to say, I’ll still ride for LBJ.]

Two big free agent splashes to talk about.  The Windy City Bears signed Julius Peppers to a long term deal.  It upgrades their defensive line but Peppers already has 8 years under his belt.  Perhaps his best years are behind him.  I know its blasphemy to say that but…it has been 8 years.

The bad news is that the Bears D took a giant step back.  Not sure if one very good D linemen will have that much of an effect on that unit. 

Q landed in Bmore.  Q and Fitz could have been the Rice and Taylor for the Cardinals.  It’s sad when such a great player decides it’s time to leave town.  The other Card WRs will have to step their games up.  Warner is gone and so is Q. 

In Bmore, Ozzie Newsome continues to put the pieces in place to make the Ravens a team to contend with for years to come.  The Achilles heel last year was the lack of skill positions on the outside.  With the signing of Donte Stallworth and Q, that is pretty much taken care of.  Now with the draft they can exclusively focus on bolstering the aging defense that has carried this team for so long. 

Lastly, the Chargers finally found someone to take Antonio Cromartie off their hands, and it was the NY Jets.  I think his professional life will get some stability but he has to put his personal life together.  He got children and mothers and child support payments to make.

It finally puts Cromartie in a place where he can play man coverage until he gets his heart’s content.  He will have to come ready to play.  After the season that Darrelle Revis had, QBs will be more likely to challenge Cromartie than Revis.  If Cromartie can just show flashes of his 2007 season, the Jets just may return to the AFC Championship game. 

Of course, dear readers, we won’t know anything until the games mean something.