Shake up Saturday!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in college basketball*K0ABfqdNQVDbpF*LS1B3kHWOdrsVAU8WfY3RNVVTrnAT4xfBCua0F6MIMFvgffyIWq3O/Syracuse_Basketball.jpg
That is not Allen Fieldhouse that’s for sure!

Stank-0 can definitely say that it was necessary for KU, UK, and Purdue. KU and UK had trap games that they lost.  Can’t call Purdue’s loss to Michigan State a trap game because the Spartans are a good team.  The Volunteers are up-and-down so that’s definitely a trap game.  Maybe it was necessary for UK and KU to get focused again.  KU, in particular, had been cruising so maybe they got complacent, thinking they just had to show up and W’s would fall from the rafters.  Can you blame their complaceny?  Their #1 seed is secured, most likely in the Midwest region.  Having said all that, this loss might be what’s needed to recalibrate and refocus Self’s boys to get ready for the only Tourney that matters, the one that starts March 18th.

Can’t really speak on the UK game, but KU did not come to play against the Pokies.  Maybe they were already thinkin on the Big XII tourney down in Dallas.  Who knows, but what we do know is that Ok St. came to play. 

The #1 ranking is a bulls-eye.  You will get every teams best ball.  The arena will be filled to capacity and absolutely rocking.  When you lose fans rush the court. 

On the other extreme, Stank-0 and M0yo watched Cuse dismember Nova on ESPN.  It quit being a competitive game after about 5 mins in the 2nd half.  After the upheaval by Kansas, Kentucky, and Purdue, Cuse is definitely playing the best ball in the country right now. 

Scottie Reynolds was hot and then cooled off.  No one else was really putting up any points. 

Cuse will now become the #1 team in the country.  The next question is are they ready for that challenge?  We shall see.

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