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The end of the run

Posted: March 21, 2010 in college basketball, KU, NCAA, the Dance
[Disclaimer: This post will be one of the kind.  That’s all that will be said.]

This post had to be done by none other than Stank-0.  My alma mater, the University of Kansas, is out of the tourney.  It was a shock to the system.  See, I’m Kansas born and Kansas bred and a Kansan til I’m dead.  With that comes a few things, such as pulling for the Jayhawks regardless of whether they have 4 NBA first round draft picks or they are recovering from losing them.  It also means that you can be honest with yourself, but never share those feelings with the wider sports world. 

I mean I could talk myself and others into thinking the Jayhawks were championship material, but I always had a few moments of doubt.  It just felt like something was missing.  I believe that championship caliber teams have this eff you gear they hit and KU seemed to lack it.  KU is methodical which is good, but they don’t go all out.  As of today, I believe that Cuse and UK have that eff you gear.  I watched Cuse’s eff you gear against Nova and saw UK’s eff you gear against Wake Forest last night.  It’s when you see the opponent is on the ropes and you just punch him out of the ring.  You don’t knock him out you knock him out of the ring, send him tumbling onto the writers.  You see, I realized our Achilles heels a while back and hoped to Almighty God that it wouldn’t rear its ugly head during the most important month of college basketball.

This year’s edition of the Jayhawks are poor at defending the three.  I saw this flaw during a few trap games and especially during the loss to Tenn and Ok St

And man if God did not hear my prayer.  See I was hoping that we would get UNLV because we match up better with them than a bunch of undersized gunners, but we got the gunners. 

I knew about halfway through the game yesterday they were gonna lose.  Sherron Collins was trying to shoot us back in the game and was having the opposite effect.  See Collins has this habit of trying to take over the game when it is not in his abilty to do so.  UNI’s D was simple, keep the man in front of you by moving your feet and don’t reach!  It’s a very simple concept but it doesn’t happen very much anymore in college or NBA basketball.  Combine that with the taller defenders, Collins was a non-factor. 

I love the Chi-town Killah’s (shout to Ed) game and hope he can latch on in the NBA, but he has been in a slump for about 12-15 games.  His offensive efficiency has declined and he is making needless turnovers. 

I still believe in Bill Self, he’s a good coach.  Remember he took Tulsa to the Elite 8.  The man knows his X’s and O’s, but this year was not meant to be.  So I’ll still watch the rest of the tourney (with lower blood pressure) and hope that Cuse and UK meet on April 5th.  KU you gave us another good season.  See you next year.

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Opening day of the Dance

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
That’s what’s happened to Stank-0’s brackets

Man oh man!  Stank-0’s brackets have been dealt some serious setbacks.  Georgetown losing in the first round!  REALLY!  This exemplifies the up-and-down, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde season that the Hoyas had.  Deep run in the Big East Tourney all the way to the championship.  Then turn around and get the doors blown off by the Ohio Bobcats.  In all honesty, Ohio was burning some major shot clock on EVERY possession.  They refused to quick shoot, and they stretched the floor with shooters.  The Hoyas were led by Chris Wright (what up fam!) and Monroe chipped in but they really didn’t come to play.

Best upset(s): Ohio and Murray State share the honors so far.  Still lots of games to play but Stank-0 will be sleeping.  Games that start at 10:30P are not for East Coast viewers. 

Best finish thus far: Nova vs. Bob Morris.  Any game that goes double OT has to be in here.  U Dubb vs. Marquette.  Poindexter’s lanky bank shot off glass from just outside the paint as time wound down was just pure drama. 

Best prediction: Old Dominion over Notre Dame.  The Irish shouldn’t have even made the tourney and they showed us why but losing in the first round to 11 seed ODU.  Harangody was a non-factor. 

Stank-0 will say that CBS has done a good job of switching to games that are under a minute left in the game.  Kudos so far.  Also extra kudos for the free online streams and the Boss Button.  CBS is getting their Tourney coverage game up.

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Too smart of your own good (job?)

Posted: March 18, 2010 in NFL

We are knee deep in NFL free agency and the following players have something in common. 

Nate Burleson, Antonio Bryant, Antwaan Randle-El, Kassim Osgood, Jerheme Urban, Arnaz Battle, and Kevin Walter.  1. They are all wide receivers.  2.  They have all been signed. Why should you care? Stank-0 hears you ask yourself. 

Well because a certain T.O.  is still without a team to play for.  Facts are facts.  T.O. even at this age, is still better than every receiver above.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.   The fact that teams are reluctant to sign him is troubling.  He provided NO drama last season in Buffalo.  NONE.

Yes, he can be an insufferable @sshole, but he hasn’t been one for quite some time.  Stank-0 would hope that the Chiefs take a chance on him.  He would be an upgrade to the receiver corps and he might be able to school Dwayne Bowe on bringing it during the game.  

NFL GMs, don’t outthink yourself.  Why take an inferior receiver just because he doesn’t cause media problems?  MFin Arnaz Battle is signed and T.O. isn’t, where they do that at?

You have talent out there take it.

Making a name for himself

Posted: March 18, 2010 in dunk, NBA

Corey Brewer is at is again!  This time the victim is Robin Lopez.  Nasty!

As always shout to [You got Dunked on]


Posted: March 12, 2010 in college basketball, KU

I didn’t want Stank-0 to go overboard in his homerness so I’ll do the honors.  This will be short and sweet.

The University of Kansas men’s basketball team reached the milestone of 2000 wins today.  They have joined some rarefied company, Kentucky and North Carolina.  At this point, Stank-0 would say some foolishness like both of those programs have the names of Kansans on their home courts, which they do.  They are Lou Rupp and Dean Smith, each from the state of Kansas, who studied the X’s and O’s under the legendary James “Phog” Allen which the Fieldhose gets its name from.  Phog Allen learned his X’s and O’s from the game’s creator, Dr. James Naismith.  I have to admit that’s quite a lineage, but in the end. It doesn’t make any difference.
The next on the list are: Duke (1885), Syracuse (1765), Temple (1724), St. John’s (1695), UCLA (1676), Notre Dame (1662), and Pennsylvania (1657).  Not sure how accurate these numbers are.  So I would assume that if Duke averages 30 wins a season they will hit 2K in 4 seasons.  With that same standard Cuse will join the club 6 seasons after Duke joins.  We are close to half of the 2K club before the end of this decade.  

But this is Kansas day, enjoy it until dark, get your mind right for the Big XII tourney and then the Dance.  Best of luck.

For those of you whom watch the sweet science of the hardwood, our Super Bowl kicks off a week from tomorrow.  Stank-0 asked on twitter which was better the first day of the NCAA tourney or the Super Bowl.  Honestly, Stank-0 can’t even decide that.  It’s too close to call.
[Editor’s note:  Let’s kill this 96 seed tourney talk.  What makes the Dance so good is that teams start going balls-to-the-wall from January til Selection Sunday because there are only 64 spots.  It’s also what makes these conference tourneys so enjoyable.  Before Stank-0 leaves God’s green Earth, he is watching the Big East tournament in the Garden.  Trust.]

Nothing much is done on either day as far as work is concerned. The Super Bowl is about pagentry and the Dance is about economy; how many nail-biting, sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat games can you watch in the first day?  Is CBS smart enough to switch you to the most exciting game right now?  Usually, the answer to the second question is no, they annually drop the ball like Purple Jesus.  It is truly a drug that you can’t get enough of.  Stank-0 still remembers, a few years back, faking an illness so he could leave work early to go to his boy’s house to watch the tourney on the big screen.  It was a 60 inch HD son, don’t judge me.

The second event is the start of baseball.  Stank-0 is not a big fan of the game, but the prospect of catching the Cubs’ home opener in Wrigley is on the sports bucket list.  It will happen, please believe.

Even as turrible as the Washington Nationals are, Stank-0 plans to catch a game or two here and see the Rockies at Coors Field in Denver over the summer. Beer, brats, and baseball just go together, knowwhatI’msayin?  It’s the wave as it crosses the stadium for the umpteenth time.  It’s the slight probability of catching a foul ball or a homer. 

[Editor’s note:  Be careful what you wish for.  Stank-0 saw a fan take a foul to the shoulder blade at Nationals Park near the 3rd base line.  Didn’t realize the ball could travel that fast.  Everyone standing up certainly doesn’t help either.  Word of advice, you sit close bring a glove.]

The list of baseball stadiums Stank-0 has been in is too small, that can’t stand.  Will hopefully add Coors Field to the very short list this summer. 

Stank-0 said it himself.

The #1 ranking is a bulls-eye.  You will get every teams best ball.  The arena will be filled to capacity and absolutely rocking.  When you lose fans rush the court. 

‘Cuse wasn’t listening and fell as a result after their first week at #1 since the 80’s.  The question is now who is gets to wear that bulls-eye?  Do they want it?  I can answer my own question.  With KU beating Missouri today, they will reattain the #1 ranking.  Thus far in the season, they have been #1 15 of 20 weeks this season, I think. 

Antrel Rolle and Kerry Rhodes
courtesy of Getty Images

The new old Cards
So now Warner, Boldin, Dansby, and Rolle are all gone.  They have Breaston, Fitz, Wells, and Hightower…with Matt Leinart as the signal caller.  Uh…that wouldn’t infuse me with lots of confidence.  The Cards will not go back to the playoffs next season, let alone winning the NFC West.

It’s not all bad they did add get Kerry Rhodes to replace the departed Rolle.

Free agent news

Posted: March 6, 2010 in free agency, NFL

[Disclaimer: State the Case- take the shot has been prematurely ended.  Unfortunately for us, ESPN on ABC talked at length on that very subject last Sunday.  I informed Stank-0 to let him know.  Needless to say, I’ll still ride for LBJ.]

Two big free agent splashes to talk about.  The Windy City Bears signed Julius Peppers to a long term deal.  It upgrades their defensive line but Peppers already has 8 years under his belt.  Perhaps his best years are behind him.  I know its blasphemy to say that but…it has been 8 years.

The bad news is that the Bears D took a giant step back.  Not sure if one very good D linemen will have that much of an effect on that unit. 

Q landed in Bmore.  Q and Fitz could have been the Rice and Taylor for the Cardinals.  It’s sad when such a great player decides it’s time to leave town.  The other Card WRs will have to step their games up.  Warner is gone and so is Q. 

In Bmore, Ozzie Newsome continues to put the pieces in place to make the Ravens a team to contend with for years to come.  The Achilles heel last year was the lack of skill positions on the outside.  With the signing of Donte Stallworth and Q, that is pretty much taken care of.  Now with the draft they can exclusively focus on bolstering the aging defense that has carried this team for so long. 

Lastly, the Chargers finally found someone to take Antonio Cromartie off their hands, and it was the NY Jets.  I think his professional life will get some stability but he has to put his personal life together.  He got children and mothers and child support payments to make.

It finally puts Cromartie in a place where he can play man coverage until he gets his heart’s content.  He will have to come ready to play.  After the season that Darrelle Revis had, QBs will be more likely to challenge Cromartie than Revis.  If Cromartie can just show flashes of his 2007 season, the Jets just may return to the AFC Championship game. 

Of course, dear readers, we won’t know anything until the games mean something. 

Shake up Saturday!

Posted: March 1, 2010 in college basketball*K0ABfqdNQVDbpF*LS1B3kHWOdrsVAU8WfY3RNVVTrnAT4xfBCua0F6MIMFvgffyIWq3O/Syracuse_Basketball.jpg
That is not Allen Fieldhouse that’s for sure!

Stank-0 can definitely say that it was necessary for KU, UK, and Purdue. KU and UK had trap games that they lost.  Can’t call Purdue’s loss to Michigan State a trap game because the Spartans are a good team.  The Volunteers are up-and-down so that’s definitely a trap game.  Maybe it was necessary for UK and KU to get focused again.  KU, in particular, had been cruising so maybe they got complacent, thinking they just had to show up and W’s would fall from the rafters.  Can you blame their complaceny?  Their #1 seed is secured, most likely in the Midwest region.  Having said all that, this loss might be what’s needed to recalibrate and refocus Self’s boys to get ready for the only Tourney that matters, the one that starts March 18th.

Can’t really speak on the UK game, but KU did not come to play against the Pokies.  Maybe they were already thinkin on the Big XII tourney down in Dallas.  Who knows, but what we do know is that Ok St. came to play. 

The #1 ranking is a bulls-eye.  You will get every teams best ball.  The arena will be filled to capacity and absolutely rocking.  When you lose fans rush the court. 

On the other extreme, Stank-0 and M0yo watched Cuse dismember Nova on ESPN.  It quit being a competitive game after about 5 mins in the 2nd half.  After the upheaval by Kansas, Kentucky, and Purdue, Cuse is definitely playing the best ball in the country right now. 

Scottie Reynolds was hot and then cooled off.  No one else was really putting up any points. 

Cuse will now become the #1 team in the country.  The next question is are they ready for that challenge?  We shall see.

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