Inside the deals

Posted: February 18, 2010 in NBA, trade

Well the Wizards kicked this all off by dealing Butler, Stevenson, and Haywood to Dallas.  The Wiz are clearly doing two things: 1. blowing this team up and starting over and 2. clearing cap space to bring in fresh blood.  They received some players in return.  One of those players, Drew Gooden is now on his way to the Clippers in exchange for Al Thornton. 

The Wiz get: Josh Howard, Al Thornton and some spare parts aka expiring contracts

The Mavs get: The Butler to replace Howard, Stevenson as trade filler, and Haywood to fill in for Dampier. 

Win-win for everyone! 

There are whispers that McGrady and Martin are exchanging places.  The deal hammered out Wednesday night would send Martin, Kenny Thomas, Hilton Armstrong and Sergio Rodriguez to the Rockets for McGrady, Sixth Man Award contender Carl Landry, Joey Dorsey and an undisclosed amount of cash.  McGrady wants to be a Knick, for some very strange reason, so he may eventually move again. 

Kings get: Landry, McGrady, Dorsey, and some cheese

Rockets: get Martin to pair with Ariza and some parts

Rockets got the better of this deal. 

The Wiz then dealt Jamison to the Cavs for Z.  Washington also gets a 2010 first-round draft pick from Cleveland along with the rights to Emir Preldzic, who was selected in the second round of last year’s draft.  The Clippers receive Gooden for Thornton, and the Cavs also get Sebastian Telfair. 

It is expected that the Wiz will buyout Z’s deal enabling him to re-sign with the Cavs in 30 days. 
Sorry but the Wiz got swindled on this on.  The Cavs will basically get Jamison for free. 
Then there are the Knicks sending Nate Robinson to the C’s for Eddie House.  Not sure what the thinking is on this one.  There are comparable players maybe it’s the contracts.  Some particulars

House is making $2.86 million in the final year of his contract. Still to be determined is how exactly the Celtics and Knicks can swing a deal given that Robinson is a base-year compensation player, meaning only about $2 million of his $4 million salary this season can be counted in any trade. The Boston Globe reported that, according to a source, J.R. Giddens would be headed to New York in the deal as well.

Still don’t see why they are dealing for Robinson, do they need a court jester up there?

That’s about it for right now.  Just looking from a distance, the Cavs clearly got the better of all the deals, with Dallas right behind them.  The Mavericks are interested in Z after his buyout.

UPDATE!:  McGrady is a Knick!  In other salary dumping moves, the Knicks unloaded Darko to Minnesota for Brian Cardinal.  To go from #2 pick to being dealt straight up!?  Ouch! 

Lastly for now, the Sixers and Bucks are in a 4 player deal.

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