On to the next one!

Posted: February 8, 2010 in NFL, playoffs

(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Football is over!  Ponder that.  While NOLA dances the night and next couple days away, let’s do the post mortems. 

  • This Super Bowl just didn’t have that “it” factor.  Some of you think Stank-0 is too harsh, but how many of these playoff games will we be referencing in 5 years?  It felt like a really good regular season game.  If Stank-0 was forced to pick a game from the playoffs it would be GB @ AZ
  • In Stank-0’s mind, the bar for the Super Bowl was set by the Giants vs. Patriots.  Last year’s game, though, was very very good.
  • Coach Caldwell doesn’t seem devastated by the loss.  He seems motivated to get back. 
  • Not sure a 100% Freeney would have been able to get more pressure on Brees. 
  • Does this win signify that Brees is in Manning-Brady company or elevate him up there? Stank-0 has some thoughts on that.  
  • Which if any Saints free agents leave to get a payday?
  • Was the INT on Manning or Wayne or just a good defensive play? 
  • Can we put out an APB for Reggie Bush’s Super Bowl performance?  
  • Stank-0 feels like Manning vs. Brady is over.  Manning is the best QB on the planet. 
  • Stank-0 will say this again.  Don’t let the CBA expire and not get a new agreement.  If you want to see what happens to a league when you stop playing, look at the NBA and NHL.    
  • Not that it is an air-it-out league will we ever seen effective ground games in the Super Bowl again?

Draft is coming.  See what Stank-0 and the team can cook up for a live blog. 

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