State the case

Posted: January 29, 2010 in college basketball, KU, State the case
This was born out of a chat conversation between myself and M0yo.  Hopefully this becomes an on-going thing.  Think of it as the sports version of Crossfire (no John Stewart).  We will each take a side on a college player regardless of gender and/or sport. We will start with Kansas’ own Sherron Collins.  [Disclaimer: in the interest of transparency, Stank-0 is a KU alum (c/o ’03!) and loves Kansas basketball dearly, but not to the level of a homer.
AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall
Stank-0 believes that Sherron Collins has NBA bonafides.  The only real knock Stank-0 can see is his lack of a typical NBA body, however, that never stopped Muggsy Bogues and Earl Boykins from making it in the league. 
Collins clearly can lead.  He stepped up last season and took the reigns of a Kansas team that was dealing with departure of their championship team.  That team overachieved last season getting to the Elite 8.  Aldrich might be the engine that makes Kansas go, but Collins is the facilitator for that offense.  Think of him as the oil for the engine.  Even now with Xavier Henry and all the other young talent on the team, they defer to Collins. 
Collins also has that chip on his shoulder that seems to be standard for Chi players, ie Isiah Thomas.  Not to say that Collins is Thomas that would be blasphemous but he has that same attitude.  He’s fearless.  He has gone against some good point guards over his KU career.  He’s outplayed and been outplayed, but he doesn’t hesitate to go out there.  
Should Collins get into the NBA by draft or free agency, Stank-0 doesn’t not see him as a starting point guard anytime soon.  Collins would be a very capable bench player, a better shooting version of Jacque Vaughn.    
Up next, M0yo with the other side.

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