State the Case…The Flip Side

Posted: January 29, 2010 in college basketball, State the case

I’ll start by saying this: Sherron Collins (fail for having a girl name) is a good college player. He can score the ball well but is somewhat of a streaky shooter. I ask this though, where is the line drawn between good and great? I feel as though to evaluate a player you have to dive deep into the numbers to really find out what a player is good at. As we evaluate these numbers I ask you keep in mind that Mr. Collins only has ONE position in the NBA and obviously that is the PG spot. He flat out will not be able to defend the SG spot in the NBA because he’s 5’11 so that’s out. With that said, let’s analyze his career assist and turn over numbers because well, that’s what point guards do.

06-07 2.9 A/PG 1.7 TO/PG

07-08 3.1 A/PG 2.0 TO/PG

08-09 5.0 A/PG 3.3 TO/PG

09-10 4.2 A/PG 2.3 TO/PG

Career 3.7 A/PG 2.3 TO/PG (TO DATE)

Stank-0 said the only real knock on Collins was his lack of an NBA body. Moyo most certainly thinks this is false. Now, I’m not sure about the decision making because it seems as though he doesn’t really turn the ball over THAT much but when does this guy pass the ball to a team mate in scoring position? Or is he just a shot jacker? He has a center who finishes his shots more than 50% of the time over the span of his career and this year he has a swing man who is making over 40% of his shots from anywhere on the floor. In most circumstances that would bode well for a PG’s assist numbers. There is a lot more data to evaluate but we’ll keep this short for now. He is a leader but like I told Stank-0, So was Mateen Cleaves. I don’t feel he will be a big scoring threat and I think he will be a major liability on the defensive end. I give him less than 5 years in the L. He’s a good college player though. NEXT!

So dear readers, thoughts on State the case?  Anyone for the next segment?

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