Biggest offseason stories

Posted: January 28, 2010 in NFL, offseason

Stank-0 will refrain from a Super Bowl post because you can get that elsewhere and Stank-0 would prefer not to add to the Manning-as-a-Colt-taking-on-his-father’s-team meme.  So let’s look at what will likely happen in the offseason before the 2010-2011 season. 

Coach McDaniels will have succeeded in running Brandon Marshall out of Denver.  It was all good just a week ago.  Remember when the Broncos started 6-0 and everyone in Denver was saying, “Cutler who?”  Yeah that didn’t last too long did it.  Marshall surprisingly made nice and produced only for Coach McGenius to bench him before final game of the season.  Which they lost, badly.  Well Marshall likely played his last game as a Bronco.  Coach, you won the battle but lost the war…AND giftwrapped the division to the Chargers for the forseeable future.  Are all Belichick coaches really this horrible?  What did you learn from watching him?  The Belichick coaching is dying on the vine

T.O. will land in one more place.  He quietly “produced” (if you can even say that and “Bills” in the same sentence).  More importantly he kept his mouth shut.  Wouldn’t it be crazy if T.O. landed in SF for his last hurrah?  Crabtree could learn alot from T.O. 

GM Holmgren will bite the bullet and pay Cribbs what they owe him. They can’t let their offense leave town.  They just can’t do it.  They’ll find the money (probably due to cutting Anderson or Quinn). 

The NFL will pull their heads out of their collective @sses and get a collective bargaining agreement, CBA, completed.  This is easily the most important offseason development for the league.  They will realize that if they stop playing people will get angry…AND then stop caring.  See the NBA and NHL for how that worked out for them.  The NHL is still feeling the effects of their work stoppage. 

Tomlinson will have a decision to make: take less or walk.  My gut says he’ll stay.  Where else can he go and play?  Seattle?  Cleveland? 

Stank-0 will pass on Favre tea leaf reading. Got no stomach for the will-he-or-won’t-he soap opera.  Stank-0 will say that some other retirements will shock us.  One of the Williamses on the Vikings been talkin about hanging ’em up.  As well as the irreplaceable Ed Reed.  Kurt Warner is halfway out the door but if God says stay then he’s all in. 

The Pro Bowl will be moved back to Hawaii because some horrible PR event will transpire down in Miami during Super Bowl week. Not anything player related but the players might just be too tired from partying in MIA the week before the game.  Kinda like the NBA All Star game in Vegas. 

Vick will get some serious looks and go somewhere to be a starting QB.

Anything or anyone that Stank-0 missed?

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