NFL playoffs 2009: post mortems

Posted: January 25, 2010 in NFL, playoffs

The NFL playoffs overall haven’t been very compelling.  Yesterday gave us the equivalent of one good game. 

The Jets were in the AFC Championship for about a half, then after some halftime adjustments it was all Colts.

Some thoughts on that game and both teams going forward.

The Jets were looking like world beaters there for a second.  Colts looked like they were waiting for a knockout blow that never came.

Stank-0 thinks Brady vs. Manning is over.  The winner is Manning.  Think on it.  It used to be give Brady some good receivers and he’ll be better than Manning.  Brady has some top notch talent.  Manning has Wayne, Clark, and some young guys that he’s worked into the system.
Look at it another way, if Clark goes down the Colts don’t.  Hell, yesterday Wayne & Clark had 5-7 grabs between them.  The leading receiver was Garcon; 11 for 151 and some TDs. 
Not sure if Sanchez can take the Roethlisberger route to being a good QB.  Their line isn’t young so they can’t be run heavy for more than 2 years.  The young boy knows how to play fake though. 
Revis locked up Wayne and it didn’t matter one bit. 
Coach Caldwell is so cool that if they give him a Gatorade bath he won’t even get wet.  He looks like he is conducting a business meeting rather than running a NFL team. 
Photo by Joe Robbins/
Manning was precise but one drive was a perfect example.  He lofted a ball just past a defender into a receiver’s hands.  He did one step slants, outs, and a perfect TD pass to the back pylon. 
He was audibling and gesturing and the play clock usually showed 10 or better. 
The Saints didn’t win the game the Vikings lost it.  As Stank-0 said on Twitter. 
AP Photo/David J. Phillip

AD, time to talk to Tiki, bruh!

Peterson fumbled waaay too much for such a big game.  Honestly though, that’s his only flaw.  Guarantee he works on that in the off-season. 
That loss has to hurt.  Favre went through all this to lose at the exact same point he did in Green Bay. 
The game was dramatic but not well played.  That game should have never gone to OT.  If the Saints do not capitalize on turnovers against the Colts, that game will not last until OT either. 

Reggie Bush didn’t make any positive big plays. 

Unbelieveable that the Saints had never been to the Super Bowl.  Nawlins is probably still partyin now. 

Also wonder if Governor Jindal went to the game or stayed home so as not to be Jinx Jindal.

Going in the the big game, you feel like it’s the Saints time but that don’t mean a thing. 

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