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New "Revelation"

Posted: January 12, 2010 in controversy, MLB
Thank God for the 5th Amendment! I solemnly swear.

Not to be overly sarcastic or anything but Mark McGwire’s admission about using steriods?  Obvious.  There are several theories why Big Mac decided to get honest now. 

1. His chances at the Hall of Fame?  Slim.  His numbers are slightly better than GWB’s in 2008.  Mac is at 25% and he needs alot more than that to get in. 
2. Re-entering the public arena with whispers and questions regarding steriods would have been too big a distraction for his team.  This is true.  It would have hounded the Cardinals all season long.

Now my honest opinion of this is simple…courageous does not come to mind.  Sitting on this for 10 years and then decided now was the time because hey you got nothing else to lose does not bring courage to mind.  Let’s not get it twisted.  This is America.  The Cardinals make a playoff run and all is forgiven.  He can still get in the Hall but that may have to be as a write-in candidate. 

There are a few current and former ball players who should follow your lead, Mac.