Double Play, "Champion" edition

Posted: January 8, 2010 in college football, NBA

Stank-0 will cover the two major stories in reverse order. 

Gilbert Arenas aka Agent Zero has been indefinitely suspended by Commissioner Stern.  The gun thing he did in the huddle up in Illadelph bit him in the @ss. He could lose the rest of his 6 year, $111,000,000.00 dollar contract.  That’s alot of zeros.  Personally, Stank-0 feels like Arenas deserves a psych exam because Stern said Arenas is “unfit to see a NBA court.”  That speaks to state of mind, which means he needs his head examined. 

He still awaits the US Attorney’s office and the District of Columbia’s ruling.  It could be sideways real quick for Mr. Arenas.  He needs an agent to protect him…from himself.  His quirks while a breath of fresh air from the other stale media-driven, image managed stars also gets him into trouble.   

As for Crittenton, the newly emerging facts that he loaded a bullet in the chamber of his gun means he’s done.  Stank-0 hopes the boy got a degree or some education.  He’s toxic and no NBA team is going to touch him.  On the other hand, he could land in Europe or some other place and make enough to live on. 

Man the Tide played for keeps.  Rather than deal with McCoy in the game, they knock him out of it.  That’s COLD BLOODED (no Rick James).  Stank-0 did not watch the complete game it didn’t have any “pop.”

Stank-0 watched a lil bit though.  Um…Stank-0 understands your #1 guy is out but run, run, pass, punt is not a strategy to WIN the game.  Texas made it interesting for a while then wilted when it mattered.  Pressure makes diamonds….and it busts pipes.  When the lights shine the brightest some step up and some don’t. 

If ever there was any motivation for McCoy to come back if he’s still eligible, the Tide surely gave it to him.  He didn’t even last a full series of the biggest game of his career.  If you were a NFL GM, would you draft this kid, now?  This also doesn’t help the upcoming NFL Draft at all, but that’s another post. 

This makes 4 straight national titles by the SEC.  The rest of the conferences, get your weight up!   

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