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Best games of the 2000s

Posted: December 31, 2009 in lists, sports opinion

We stand a mere hours away from 2010, let’s examine the best games of the 2000s.  In no particular order, this will probably be light on analysis because these lists are all over the internet. 

Texas vs. USC, 2006 Rose Bowl:  Star power on both sides, but Young shown the brightest on that night. 

Giants vs. Patriots, XLII (52):  Was there a better played Super Bowl?  Can’t think of one. 

Nadal vs. Federer 2008 Wimbledon:  This is the gold standard for tennis games.

Lakers vs. Kings, 2002 WCF:  A badly officiated Game 6 notwithstanding, this was the preeminent matchup for the NBA. 

Blazers vs. Lakers, 2000 WCF:  Except for the Game 7 drought, this was a very well played game.  Depth vs. two deep. 

Diamondbacks vs. Yankees, 2001 World Series:  Another consecutive Yankees win would have cemented their status as a lasting dynasty.  The D-backs stood in their way and prevailed.

Syracuse vs. Kansas, 2003 NCAA National Championship game.  This was never truly out of reach until the very end when Kirk Hinrich badly missed a desperation trey.

Flyers vs. Penguins, 2000 Stanley Cup playoffs:  This is the 3rd longest NHL overtime game (5th overtime period) and it’s in the playoffs to boot.  A young Stank-0 remembers being in a friend’s dorm room and watching the last period and all of the overtime.  Luckily, Stank-0 lived in Arizona at the time so it wasn’t that late when it was over. 

Stank-0 truly believes sports will not bless us with the quality of performances we saw in the 2000s ever again.  The NBA and NFL have changed the rules to allow for more scoring and upset the balance between defense and offense. 

Agree?  Disagree?  Other additions?

One more thing.  This blog will most likely be off the grid bringing in the New Year.  It’ll all spark back up on Sunday. 


Want to get away?

Posted: December 31, 2009 in NBA, sports opinion

The Wizards are in need of a change. Who do they move? I think the Butler is untouchable, why not move the bigs? They ain’t playin anyway, at least get some value out of them. Agent 0 needs to go but his contract is too big for him to move.

The Wizards are in horrible straits, but they do have a foundation to build upon.  JaVale McGee is going to be a quality big unfortunately we don’t have a time machine to accelerate his development so he can play now. 

Haywood got drafted on the strength of going to North Carolina and then promptly got his Casper on.  Haven’t seen him since.  He hits teammates harder than he hits the boards. 

Enough jokes though, if the Wizards do re-set, who do they build around?  I think Butler becomes the man in DC, and Mike Miller his sidekick.  How do they move Agent Zero?  His deal is enormous so finding the right contracts to make that work is well nigh impossible.  The bigs they utilize aren’t very good, and the bench isn’t very good. 

Let’s play this out.  The Wizards build around Butler, and attempt to move Agent Zero.  With his deal the only players that are comparable are other superstars and that doesn’t leave many.  Ideally, they sit on him until the trading deadline and see if CP3 wants out of N.O.  The contracts should be comparable but the trade value isn’t so the Wizards have to throw in Haywood and a future pick. 

Now you have a point guard and a forward to build around.  The management tell CP3 they will draft to utilize his talents.  If you were a Wizards’ player, wouldn’t you want to play with CP3?  You would run the break harder because the ball could come from any angle.  Suddenly the game isn’t so difficult anymore.  Hell, I’m smiling just thinking about it and I’m not in the NBA.  The players would LOVE to play with CP3.

If that doesn’t work, then deal straight up for McGrady.  There deals are comparable so some throwaway pieces and contracts have to be added but the numbers should be about right.  Then deal McGrady to the only team with an abundance of talent, the Memphis Grizzlies.  Obviously, Mayo and Gay are untouchable but everyone would be in play.  Maybe get Gasol?  Conley Jr.?  The pieces are there. 

This is basically telling the Wizards and their fans that the season is a wash though.  Doubt the GM and/or coach would survive until the next season. 

If they can’t move Zero, then they move him to shooting guard.  Zero is not a point guard, say it with me now.  He is a tweener at best and an undersized 2 at worst.  Did you see him in college, nothing about his game said point guard.  It’s not his handles it’s his mentality.  His mentality is put the ball in the basket, not facilitate the offense. 

I understand writing about the DC area is usually the domain of Stank-0 but I’ve seen enough of Zero to know that he is not what the Wizards should have spent so much money on.  He’s good but not franchise-player-money good. 

Am I overreacting?