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Posted: December 28, 2009 in NFL

Let’s get this outta the way.  Coach Caldwell pulled Peyton from a meaningless game?!  Add the exclamation point to denote that Caldwell is insane.  They could have gone undefeated. 

Ask the Patriots how much an undefeated season matters.  The pop of “going undefeated” isn’t as impressive anymore.  The Patriots marched to the Super Bowl unbeated, and this year the Saints and Colts went to 13-0.  It’s not as unachieveable as it used to, but that’s not what’s important here. 

By pulling the starters, the goal is now very clear.  Ring or bust.  That has even more pressure than an undefeated season.  It also doesn’t help that the Chargers are tailor made to beat the Colts.  See he could have gone all Sun Tzu and never shown his hand.  “Analysts,” “experts,” and studio talking heads would have been going back and forth and the Colts never would have had to show their hand.  Now we all know.  This season where Peyton will likely collect his record 4th MVP award is all for nothing if they don’t win the Super Bowl. 

Let’s be honest.  If Peyton stays in…that game is over.  They don’t have the defense to stop Peyton.  Period. End of discussion.

The Jets just may skate into the playoffs because their next game is against a team already in and needing to rest.  Stank-0 would much prefer Baltimore or Tennessee to get in. 

There’s really not much else to talk about.  The NFC playoff picture is mostly settled just seeding.  The AFC picture didn’t clear up because the wild cards are still very much in play.  Two teams at 8-7 and a gang of teams just behind them hoping and praying they stumble next week.  The Broncos have a division game so who knows, however, it is against the woeful Chiefs.  And it’s in the Mile High city. 

Next week the Eagles visit the Cowboys and that will be a game to watch. 

The Eagles puzzle me.  They turn it on and then seem to think they can coast to a W.  Their offense is impressive, but they don’t kick you when you’re down.  They’ll learn.  DeSean Jackson can’t weigh more than a wet noodle, yet you saw the great Champ Bailey locked on him.  That is quite a statement. 

The Cowboys got a gimme.  The Redskins’ D is clearly tired and ready for the season to be over.  They should be.  It’s been a long strange year.     

One more week, gentlemen and then it gets real.