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Double Feature

Posted: December 22, 2009 in NFL
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Week 15

The Colts hung on to win again.  These nailbiters are going to be helpful come playoff time.  This many pressure situations will have a calming effect when it’s win or watch at home next week.  The Jags have lost 9 of 10 to the Colts, but it looked like they were gonna pull this one out.  Then it all fell apart and the Colts stole another one. 

How is this the only home sellout the Jags have had?  Well, when your hometown team is more up and down than a Six Flags roller coaster, people tend not to come and watch.

As you already know the Cowboys beat the Saints leaving the Colts as the last undefeated team in the NFL.  The Saints were playing with luck and it eventually ran out.  The Boys left a blueprint no one else can really follow.  They created front four pressure and were able to use the rest of the defenders how they saw fit.  Very few teams have the front four the Cowboys do. 

The Bengals seem to be in wait-and-see mode about the playoffs.  Understandably, football becomes significantly less important when you lose anyone this early.  Seeing Ocho in tears brought tears to Stank-0’s eyes as well.  It was moving because it was so un-Ocho like.  If you have been following him on Twitter it shouldn’t come as a surprise though.  He had been posting pics of Henry aka Slim most of the last week.  The Bengals certainly made a game of it.  The Chargahs have been too hot in December to slow down now.  Everyone was contributing, and Stank-0 means everyone.  Every skill player got a carry or a reception.  The AFC playoff picture favors the Chargahs because they are tailor made to beat the Colts…in their own house.  The Bengals need to win in the near term to lock up the AFC North let alone playoff positioning. 

The Vikings offense has suddenly looked pedestrian of late.  AD has been bottled up, and Favre is looking a bit unsure of himself.  The PANTHERS humbled the Vikings on Sunday Night.  Stank-0 will say it one more time for emphasis, the damn Panthers.

The Titans are red hot right now.  Times are so good in Nashville that Fisher is huggin up on Vince like they were homecoming king and queen. The thoughts on Young’s demise as a NFL starting QB were premature.  They are now logjammed at 7-7 with about 4 other teams, including the Dolphins, whom they bested in OT.

The Packers and Steelers played the second best game on Sunday behind Miami @ Nashville.  It was back and forth for much of the day.  Then with time expiring Roethlisberger tossed a strike to win the game.  He passed for 503 yards, 3TDs and 0 INTs.  That is five hundred and three yards.  Not a typo.

My Chiefs allowed Josh Cribbs to run wind sprints up and down Arrowhead Stadium.  After the first runback, how about we try NOT kicking to him again?  Hell, kick it out of bounds and let them have it at the 40.  Brady Quinn is not going to singlehandedly beat anyone.  Lucky for him he didn’t have to.  Their running back, Jerome Harrison, hit us on the ground for 268 yards.  Not a good day for the Chieftains, against a very beatable team.    

Holmgren to Cleveland

We mentioned that Holmgren was interested in the Cleveland job, inexplicably.  Well he is now Mike Holmgren, president of the Cleveland Browns.  The next question is Mangini’s status.  That will have to be answered or the speculation will hit a fever pitch.  After that which QB is the man and what to do with the other one. 

P.S. How touching was Ocho’s tribute to Henry?