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It just so happens that college basketball is upon us and since conference play is about to begin soon. I figured it was time for an update.

As for the right now…2 teams have separated themselves from the rest of the pack IMO. My Syracuse Orange and Kentucky Wildcats. What?!?!m0yo??!? What about Texas and Kansas you say?

Hey, they are pretty good but I would like to reserve opinion on them until they actually play some formidable opposition. I’ve watched Kansas struggle against lesser teams and Texas’ toughest game was Pittsburgh who will probably finish 10th in the Big east. Texas has a tough stretch coming up where I think they will be exposed allowing Kentucky and Syracuse to move up even further.

Oh yeah..let me not forget about Purdue …yuck that just doesn’t even sound right but yes Purdue ewwww is also in the top 5 based on their returning players. (Like Kansas even though Kansas’ returned players are a gazillion times better)

I feel as though Syracuse is playing the best basketball of all though. They have been personally rearranging the barking order all year and really show no signs of slowing up. One thing has been proven, if you can make 3’s in bunches you may be able to keep up with Syracuse but as for scoring on the block or anywhere inside of the paint at a high rate….access denied. I’ve been watching Syracuse basketball for many moons and this is the best zone I’ve ever seen them play in my life including the Coleman and Anthony days. This bodes well Syracuse.

They are tailor made for the tournament. Teams just don’t see a lot of zone through out the year and they definitely don’t see a zone as active, long, and aggressive with traps as Syracuse. I believe Stank-0 himself called Jim Boeheim the Yoda of zone defense when I suggested he was the Obie Wan of Zone D. Just some thoughts. Feel free to up play your own team in the comment box because I know I just got my Syracuse homer on. SHUT IT DOWN CUSE!