Leaving the pack

Posted: December 14, 2009 in NFL

[Disclaimer:  This is a Stank N Werds collaboration enjoy.]

In this post parity NFL, as teams are making a playoff push either for their division or the wild card spots, some teams are just putting space between themselves and everyone else. 

Obviously, at the top there’s the Colts and the Saints both marching to 13-0 starts.  This is truly a season for the ages. 


The Iggles are clearly warming up, and in the exact month they need to.  After besting the Giants, again, the combined score in those games is 95-55.  The Eagles have dropped 40 or better on the NY Giants, twice. [Stank-0’s note:  How sad is it that everyone gets a chance to lead the division, except the Redskins.  Fire Snyder!  In Bill (Cowher), we trust!]

The Chargahs have gotten hot as well.  Surely you heard that the Bolts are 15-0 in December the past couple seasons.  That gravy train ain’t stop yesterday either, with a win over the Cowboys. 

The Titans are boiling again as well.  While no one expected them to beat the Colts, the fact they even have an outside shot at the wild card is a testament to them fighting.  Remember when they were left for dead at 0-5?  Yeah, me neither.  [Stank-0’s note:  Stank-0 does.  Folks were calling for Fisher’s head on a platter.  C.Johnson (EAST CAROLINA STAND UP!) has surpassed Purple Jesus as the league’s best back and it feels almost blasphemous to say it.  AD, we love you but the fumbling must cease.]

The Packers are flying very high indeed.  It seems that win over the Cowboys just gave them some bounce.  Although, they decided to let the Bears back in the game yesterday but ultimately prevailed 21-14. That makes 5 straight in the W column.  Pack got a wild card on lock. 

Lastly, the Wildcats Dolphins are flying high with a chance to snatch the AFC East title from the Patriots.  I think they are half a game back of the Patriots. 


The Cowboys are in their annual December dive right now.  What’s so remarkable about them is they played very well yesterday and still lost.  Unfortunately, their schedule had one of the hottest December teams in recent history so I didn’t expect them to win that game.  The more important game is the later game against the Eagles in Cowboy stadium.  That could decide the division. 

The defending Super Bowl Champion Steelers are on the outside looking in.  In the AFC, 7 losses will keep you out of the playoffs.  Believe that.  [Stank-0’s note:  So the Steelers have lost to the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns, three of the worst teams in the NFL this year.  That’s a shame.  Stank-0 can halfway excuse the Chiefs loss because Roethlisberger was knocked out of that game.  The other two?  Not so much.  Also, they have lost 5 straight.  Hope they enjoy watching the playoffs this year.]

[Stank-0’s note:  So-so

The Bengals seemed to have lost their edge since they basically clinched a playoff spot and their division.  Basically since they swept the Ravens and the Steelers they have gotten lazy.  

The Ravens have gotten a little slothful themselves.  Stank-0 assumes since they all know the Steelers have no shot at the division or playoffs, they can turn it down a notch.  In case, you all have forgotten there are about four 7-6 teams fighting for two wild card spots.  Time to get serious.]

So dear readers, what do you think?  Who is hot?  Not?  So-so?  Of Stank N Werds pieces?

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