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Triple Play

Posted: December 10, 2009 in NFL, Triple Play

Stank-0 liked Werds Triple Play idea so much.  It’s a good look.  So here are three stories from this week as we await another week of NFL action. 

Trouble in New England? 
Seems Coach Belichick had been speaking to players about going the extra mile to turn the losing skid around.  Admirable, right?  Then 4 players, including Moss and Thomas, Adalius; show up late due to inclement weather.  Coach promptly tells them to kick rocks.  Tom Brady backs Coach during his media session. 

The article goes into it a bit.  Thomas is mostly likely gone in the off-season so this did not help his relationship with Coach and Moss is a team captain. 

Before we start harping on a lost season, they play the Carolina Panthers led by the QB formerly known as Jake Delhomme.  So..yeah that’s pretty much money in the bank. 

Now the Pats need to fight for at least one home game in the playoffs, can’t be too many more losses or that will be out of sight for them. 

Who Dat got your 60-inch TV shot up!
Stank-0 heard vaguely about this.  Let’s set the stage.  It involves alcohol and the Saints @ Redskins.  Seems an overly sauced fan put a message on his Facebook status stating if the Saints should beat the Redskins his friends could come and shoot up his TV.  Well, Stank-0 presumes his said this prior to this, which set off a chain reaction of events leading the Saints to winning the game. 

His friends came in droves to let off on his TV.  Honestly, the video is high-larious.  Stank-0 heard “Who Dat?” at least 100 times in the video.  It is a must see.  No gun accidents happened even with alcohol guest starring in this video.   


Another last name?
Chad Ocho Cinco is a global brand.  So it seems his Japanese faithful mentioned he should change his last name, again, to Hachi Go which is 85 in Japanese. 

The comments in the story are pitiful at best.  If Esteban Ocho Cinco wants to change his name, so be it.  Also, he is not taking attention away from the Bengals.  They are in cruise control until the playoffs start.  There’s nothing destructive from Chad doing Chad things. Fall back.

So dear readers, anything of note to talk about?  The floor is yours.