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Triple Play

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Boxing, college football, NBA, Triple Play

There’s alot going on in sports so instead of writing three separate articles, I’ll cover each in this one.  I hope this can become an enduring part of this blog.  Without further ado.

The superfight

The biggest fight of our lifetimes according to Stank-0 is one giant step closer.  Mayweather agreed to terms and the only thing left is the date.  Right now that is March 13, 2010.  People, calm down.  This is gonna happen.  Too much money on the table for it not to.  I won’t front, I’ll be watching.  So will you. 
I have to disagree with Stank-0 (Surprise, surprise).  I’m rolling with Pacquiao in this bout. 
Reunited and it feels so good
AI is once again wearing a Sixers uni.  This was coming soon after we heard that Eddie Jordan met with AI and called him an “interesting individual.”  Whatever that’s supposed to mean.
It kinda needed to end this way, with AI back where he started.  The Sixers were Allen Iverson for such a long time.  The new problem is who do we call AI on this team, Iverson or Iguodala?
Another new problem, does AI start or come off the bench?  Will he agree to reserve status? 

UPDATE!: Iverson accepted the offer and is going to PHI.  The contract is for a pro-rated veteran’s minimum of $1.3 million.  It makes sense with Lou Williams gone for 8 weeks.  The new problem will be working Lou back in once he returns. 

Pushed out
Bobby Bowden has retired after he was giving one of two options.  Elevate Fisher to coach and become ambassador for FSU football or walk.  He chose to walk.
Please don’t let his career be judged by the slow decline into Bolivia.  There was a stretch where FSU finished the season ranked at least #10 in the country.  I want to say that was for at least 10 years if not longer. 

It was the USC of its day, with All-Americans lining up to play for Coach Bowden.  FSU had a stranglehold on the ACC Championship in that stretch as well.  It owned the ACC for that matter.
That’s the problem with greatness, you never know when to walk away.  It’s also very sad that FSU and Bobby Bowden peaked in 1999 with their coronation victory over a young Michael Vick-led Virginia Tech team. 
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