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This week…wow!

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

The Chiefs pulled it out in OT against the Steelers. Chris Chambers still has some life left in him. Jamaal Charles was BALLIN today. A kickoff return and a receiving TD. Stank-0 sees you stuntin boy. These situations will pay off next season. Big Ben was knocked out of the game and Charlie Batch filled in well but the Chiefs D stood tall and got the ball back. Cassel’s line: 15/30, 248 yds, and a TD. Very workman-like outing.

Next up the Giants needed OT to pull it out against the Falcons as well. Didn’t really watch that game, but the Falcons showed some heart in that game.

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The Lions also won on a weird ending against the free falling Browns. There was a pass interference call in the endzone that set up the Lions on the 1 yard line. They score to tie the game and then win it on the extra point. The Lions have the talent to play.  Stafford finally started throwing the ball with enough air on it cause he tossed a bomb to Calvin Johnson aka Megatron.  That boy is a burner. 

(AP Photo/J. David Ake)

The Colts won in a very low scoring affair against the Ravens. The Ravens needed TDs but only got FGs. The Colts continue to do the little things to win games. They had some new players to step in like TE Santi. Might want to deal for him in your respective fantasy leagues. Dallas Clark had the catch of the week and one-handed TD in the back of the endzone on the Colts first possession.

The Redskins hung with the Cowboys for a long time on the strength of their defense, but the Cowboys prevailed 7-6. The offense needs to hold up their end of the team. The Skins held the explosive Cowboys to 7 points?! The defense is out there entirely too long. The TD in question: Romo got outside the pocket and started directing Crayton to run a post where he hit him on the backside of the play.

(AP Photo/Phil Coale)

The Bills snatched defeast from the jaws of victory against the Jaguars. TO had 9 reception for 197 yards and a TD.

The Saints remained undefeated as well. After spoting the Bucs 7, they went on the score 38 unanswered point to win the game. Brees had 2 TDs.

The Vikings had a glorified bye week playing the Seahawks and winning 35-7. Favre had 3 TD passes on 22 of 25 passing in the 1st half! FIRST HALF!  One was to Harvin. 

Right now the Jets are down to the Patriots 7-0 on an interception.

Sunday Night is the Eagles and the Bears, should be an interesting game.

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