Fan letter to the Knicks

Posted: November 20, 2009 in NBA

[Disclaimer: Stank-0 isn’t a Knickerbockers fan but M0yo is so by the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation principle, Stank-0 is a fan by association.  We goin in!

Dear whomever is “running” the Knicks into the ground,

Stank-0 saw that you decided you weren’t going to pursue Allen Iverson.

Stank-0 does not hold a MBA nor is he in business, but that was a dumb business move.  AI will pack MSG every single night.  EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  No question.  He might even win you about 5-10 more games than you will with the atrocious roster you have now.  The only player worth watching is 5’10” tall. 

You didn’t want to take a chance?  Uh…Isiah Thomas’ tenure ring a bell?  Last couple drafts?  Hell, the Knicks have been a chance since you let Patrick Ewing walk!  Take a chance, my @ss. 

So you lose AI to MIA, most likely.  Do think more people will start coming because you did NOT sign AI?  Yes, he has off-the-court problems, but the Knicks have on-the-court problems.  At this point, the NY Giants have more wins than you do.  That’s not saying too much either.  You gotta do something to put @sses in the seats.  AI on the Knicks = @sses in the seats.

So Grand Knick poobah, what do you have in store for this listing franchise?  More of the same? 

While you think of a good way to make this team better (scoring more points isn’t the only answer if you are giving up just as many on defense) then Stank-0 will continue to sleep on the Knicks.  *In hibernation*

P.S. Do you know where Stank-0 can get a good Knicks throwback?

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