Posted: November 18, 2009 in MNF, NFL, sports opinion
(See he’s practicing already!)
This is a tad premature, but Brady Quinn will not longer be among the land of the living.  Not after he chop blocked Terrell Suggs and possibly cost Suggs the season.

See, Quinn clearly wasn’t thinking. The Ravens are your division rival and the last thing you want is an angry defense gunning for you. Stank-0 doesn’t know the Browns schedule, but Quinn has to be praying they don’t play them again this season. That boy will leave that game on a stretcher. Suggs will rehab with a picture of Quinn in his gym. That boy is toast. Whomever is coaching the Browns might want to IR him before the next Ravens’ game.

The comments from ESPN are hilarious.  Telling someone to have their head on a swivel is one thing, but to have your knees cut out is another thing.  Stank-0 poo poo’d Sapp blindsiding Chad Clifton up in Green Bay on an interception on the backside of the play a few years back.  Same for Lewis’ hit on Ocho Cinco this season.  Same for Ryan Clark knocking Wes Welker into next week.

Also taking a pulling lineman at the knees is not the same because they see you coming.  If they are pulling they are looking downfield for someone to block.   

P.S. Notice Stank-0 hasn’t even mentioned the game, because Stank-0 ain’t waste the time to watch.  How the Browns even get on MNF anymore? Where they do that at?

P.P.S. Pic courtesy of Ed the Sports Fan

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