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The biggest fight of my lifetime

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Boxing

Pacquiao took Cotto apart less than 3 day ago and already the buzz for Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is at epic levels.  Stank-0 will quote from Ed right here. 

What Ali-Frazier was, what Ali-Foreman was, what Leonard-Hearns was, what Joe Louis-Rocky Marciano was…I’m so serious right now. Mark your calendars.

Church. Tabernacle. Synagogue. Mosque. 

Stank-0 cannot see a way this fight doesn’t happen.  It will happen there’s too much money on the table for Mayweather to let this go by.  It’s not just for belts (alot between the two of them), money (PPV buy-ins will break records, trust!) it’s for the pound for pound title.  Both have been acknowledged as P4P but this one decides who is the undisputed king of boxing. 

We finally get to see if there is anyone quick enough to disrupt Mayweather’s defenses.  People are sleeping on Floyd.  The boy trains hard, and for this fight he will take it up a notch.  He already beat down a fighter who was quick (Zab Judah), what makes Pacquiao that much quicker than Judah?

Pacquiao will take his up a notch as well. 

This fight will go down in history. 

Stank-0 will put this out there right now.  We don’t have any kind of confirmation for this bout no one has even mentioned there are negotiations, but this will be the Fight of the Year maybe even the Decade

B-Hop, start getting your vocab game up, they are gonna need you ringside to give some analysis.

Stank-0 will ride with Money Mayweather to prevail in this bout.  LOCK IT UP!