Game of the season!

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, NFL

If you did not watch the Patriots @ Colts on NBC, go Plaxico yourself.  You missed out! 

Stank-0 is gonna throw this out there right now.  Al jinxed the Patriots when he said that most QBs who throw for 300+ yards lose the game but Brady is the exception.  What happened?  The Comeback Colts stormed back into the game. 

Also, Stank-0 understands putting the game on ice by going for it on 4th down.  Stank-0 really does, but we are talkin about Peyton Manning gettin the ball back with a short field.  Yeah when you think about it, that’s not a hard decision to make.  PUNT!

Brady lives the life we all want to live, but Manning is the Kobe Bryant of football. He studies game film religiously, keeps copious notes, reviews notes from past games, and keeps said notes in an effing safe.  Stank-0 and his roommate wondered about all the commercials and Stank-0’s roommate posited that he prolly shoots all of them during the off-season because during the season it’s all about football. 

Stank-0 has been saying that Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the football, but will have to amend that statement.  Andre, Moss, and Fitz are the best receivers in football.  Moss put on a clinic.  Enough said. 

The 4th down call is a lil dubious.  How do you not get forward progress on the catch?  The only way is if they contend he did not have possession, which is true.  He bobbled that jawn for a minute.  Also that pass interference call felt a lil LeBron James-ish.   

NBC kept putting up the graphic “Rivalry of the Decade” after every lead-in.  It didn’t look like it in the beginning, but man that turned into a game. 

How much do the Colts miss Bob Sanders? 

Jim Caldwell is definitely part of the Dungy coaching tree. Stank-0 doesn’t think the cameras showed Caldwell saying three words all night.  He has learned well from Obi Wan Dungy.

P.S. on a non-NFL-related football note, Stank-0’s flag football team made the playoffs!!  At one point, we were 4 games below .500 and sitting two spots out of playoff contention, but came storming back and got in on the last week of the season.   

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