Posted: November 16, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

I don’t know if I speak for the rest of The Stankoniforous Files but I am a huge Ocho Cinco fan, but the CBS NFL crew came down pretty hard on #85. I can understand the dollar thing didn’t go over too well, but uh…who actually tries to bride someone with a single dollar?

It’s like we are told to be individuals just don’t be too individualistic, which is contradictory. Stay in your lane but go your own way. Be different but not too different. Mixed messages, much?

They also repeatedly told him to tone it down because the Bengals are winning now. ???? So inversely they were conceding that he could do whatever when the Bengals were horrible, which is another story. I’m not sure what “it” is but this is Ocho Cinco, part of it is occupation, part of it is his personality, and part of it is promotion.

Wide receivers by occupation are prima donna, I’m-open-on-every-play-even-when-I’m-not, skill position players. Think about what they do. They run patterns generally one-on-one against a defensive back. It’s just those two out there, and generally those are some of the best defensive backs on the planet playing in the NFL. It’s the Lord of the Flies with a football. If you start prevailing in those encounters it will tend to reinforce your belief in yourself.

That’s kinda goes with the territory. You don’t get to be a world class athlete playing against the best in the world without some attitude/arrogance. I mean most of the guys in the booth still think they are among the best at their position so….

I also think “it” is also his personality. It seems Ocho Cinco can’t NOT be in the spotlight. We refer to Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco out of a Cinco de Mayo stunt that just took on a life of its own. Then the TD celebrations. Riverdance. Putt-ing the football with the pylon. The resuscitation. Each better than the next. We started watching Ocho just to see what he would do after he scored a TD.

The last part of this is promotion. These men know that their NFL career at some point will end, so they have to have an exit strategy, a Plan B if you will. I’m doubtful that Ocho wants to be an analyst, it doesn’t seem to fit his personality. So he’s trying to create/generate some sources of revenue now for when his career is over.

Ocho might be the most media savvy person in the NFL and that includes the Commissioner and everyone in the NY high rises. He has created Brand Ocho and he is marketing it very well. You do not read about him on a police blotter. EVER.

The Bengals should be cutting him a check for the all the free Bengals promotion they receive off of him. When we speak of Ocho its in reference to football, not who he is or is not dating, who is his baby mama and child support payments, what’s his latest photo spread, etc. Sending deodorant to the Ravens’ secondary? BRILLIANT!

The NFL is filled with larger than life players so to expect them to go about it like its just a 9-to-5 job is a bit disingenuous. Cut Ocho some slack.

P.S. If you’re gonna bribe, son got with big faced hunnids (hundreds).

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