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Week 9

Posted: November 10, 2009 in NFL

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

I, Werds, will hop in the saddle for week 9.

What do we know? That the elite teams keep finding ways to win. The Saints haven’t been as explosive as they were earlier in the season, but they make those 2-3 crucial plays that decide a game.

The Colts keep chugging along, remaining perfect and have set themselves up for a quite a Sunday Night matchup against the Patriots. Texans, linebackers on Dallas Clark? Not a good idea.

The Cardinals are bombarding teams right now. That Sunday Night Giants’ game lit a fire under that team. It’s a good thing when Q is mad he can’t play. Trust me, that’s a good problem. The Bears prolly thought it was a good problem until the game started. The Cards were up so much they decided to give Matt Leinart a snap or two. He promptly throws an INT, and gets ushered back to the bench to practice clipboard holding.

The Cowboys are surging and the Eagles are having some hiccups. Maybe it was the Eagles’ competition last week, the Giants, that had us (read: me) believing they were offensively explosive. DeMarcus Ware is a disruptive force. You don’t stop him you contain him.

The Giants lost again (4 straight) this time on a last second TD from Rivers. He was motivated that game so it might be an anomaly. He spent about 30 seconds as a Giant before being sent to San Diego for Eli back in 2004. Payback is a mutha….

The Bucs finally got a W for Coach Morris. Josh Freeman came out lookin a little shaky then tightened up and played right. Congratulations. The Packers have some questions to answer. Rodgers is holding onto that football waaaaaaay too long.

The Titans are on a winning streak?! Didn’t think I would say “Titans” and “winning streak” at all this season.

The Lions were on their way to win #2 until they realized they were punching above their weight and let it all go. Stafford, as a rook you will have days like that. Shake it off and throw deep to Megatron aka Calvin Johnson. You are underthrowing him. Put it up there and leave some air under it and Johnson will go get it.

The Bengals swept the Ravens. Ced ran over, through, and around the Ravens’ D for a buck and some change. AGAIN. Maybe the Ravens D is starting to show its age. The Bengals also played some serious D that game, holding the Ravens to under double digits. The Bengals are undefeated in the AFC North! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t look for myself.

And lastly on Monday Night, the Steelers prevailed over the Broncos. Not sure what this win means. There is no reason to panic in the Mile High city though. A first year coach making as many off-season mistakes as McDaniels should not have his team sitting at 6-2. Orton overthrowing receivers is a cause for concern. Those overthrows were the INTs of the game.
The Steelers are looking very good right now. Troy’s back and Mendenhall is running very well.

I would like the Stankoniforous Files to start calling divisions in the next few weeks. I, Werds, am calling the NFC East for the Eagles. RIGHT NOW. It’s all over but the crying.

So dear readers, did any team step up and make a statement in week 9?