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Bon Voyage….

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Kansas City Chiefs, NFL

Larry Johnson sent packing. We all kinda felt this would happen so we can move on. That is all on this topic.

[Stank-0’s note:  Not to be all over your post here, but Stank-0 has a few thoughts on LJ’s departure.  See, when LJ was good we (read: KC fans) could look past the boneheaded off the field behavior.  Tossing dranks on women, etc. was brushed aside because the boy could run the football. 

That isn’t happening anymore, and he’s made his feelings about leaving very clear.  Then the calling out of the head coach and the Twitter beef were it.  He is clearly one of the best players on the field, but you can only put up with so much.  Stank-0 would rather the Chiefs be horrible without him than be just good enough not to win with him.  The question is who will take a chance on him?  Good luck, homie.