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Wanna get away?

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Dallas Cowboys, NFL, trades

[Disclaimer:  This is a Stank N Werds joint.  Enjoy.]

After Roy Williams’ boneheaded comments, he has to want a little vacation.  In a place far far away. (No Star Wars) Think about it.  The Cowboys are doing well and here he go poppin his mouth off about something we already could see.  Roy is not T.O. and Stank-0 will let my esteemed colleague break down exactly why Roy is not T.O. 

See it is quite simple.  Roy is not a gamebreaking wide out.  You get Williams in the huddle and he tell the other guys, “Just block long enough for him to throw me the ball.  I got it from there.”  That is not a Roy Williams type of statement. 

He wasn’t that type of receiver at Texas, never was.  The problem came with the trade.  The Cowboys gave up alot to get him and expected alot from him.  [Stank-0’s note:  They took the wrong guy!  Stank-0 will scream it from the rooftops til ya’ll hear me!]

Roy is not a homerun wide out in the mold of T.O. or Randy Moss.  No, he’s in the mold of Keyshawn Johnson, a big third-down, move-the-chains-type of guy.  Well, normally teams don’t give up multiple picks for a third down receiver, but this the Dallas Cowboys we are talkin about, and nothing is “normal” in Dallas during football season.  Back to Stank-0. 

Now Stank-0 thinks the Cowboys might have been hoodwinked by his “production” in Detroit.  There’s a reason for that and his name is Calvin Johnson.  That is the superfreak receiver the Cowboys should have gone after.  Teams have to and still have to put some help on Calvin’s side of the field.  That had to have freed up Williams a little bit.  He is big (somewhere north of 6’2″), with ridiculous speed and vertical.  That’s the type homerun hitter the Cowboys desperately needed.  That’s being to diplomatic, that is the receiver the Cowboys should have dealt for, Calvin Johnson.  He’s a freak of nature. 

Maybe they were blinded.  Maybe they were gullible.  Whatever the reason, now they have a #2 or #3 receiver that they gave #1 type draft picks for.  It’s a no-win situation.  Stank-0 will hand off to Werds for the final thought.

The real problem is that Roy will be endlessly compared to one of the best WRs in NFL history as long as he wears a Cowboys jersey. That’s the tragedy.  I think he could have played out his career in Detroit as a good player on a bad team.  Now he is starting to be labeled a bad player on a good team.   

Are Stank N Werds off about Roy?  Did you like the tandem?