Stank-0 DOES NOT have a crystal ball

Posted: November 5, 2009 in MLB, World Series
It just looks like at times.  Take the just-finished World Series.  This is what Stank-0 said before it started.
So dear readers, who you got and in how many games. Right here and now, 6 games…NEW YORK YANKEES!

Yup, you guessed it.  Stank-0 had it right on the money.  *Going to play his numbers* 
Since the Yankees won, there has been unprecedented hate like it was Obama or something like they didn’t win it straight up.  Stank-0 is a mild Yankees hater, very mild, but MLB needed the Yankees to win. 
Think about it.  People were actually talkin about the World Series in the midst of the NFL season, die hard fans notwithstanding.  That doesn’t happen often.  The Bronx Bombers being there was the main reason, the other being can the Phillies repeat? 

Sure we can hate on the Yankees for outspending everyone in baseball, but that’s the system they are operating in.  If they change the rules (unlikely) then things will be different. 

Honestly, for most of America, baseball season is a fill-in until the NFL starts back up.  My NFL season is effectively over so…the World Series was a good distraction from the horror of watching the 2009-2010 Chiefs play football.


PS.  Again they ain’t even won good and they gettin pimped, pic courtesy of Eastbay.

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