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In the words of Lombardi…

Posted: November 4, 2009 in NFL

[Editor’s note: This post from M0yo is a tad dated. A few thoughts on LJ’s Twitter habits, and the Redskins. Enjoy.]

“What the HELL is going on out there?”

First, Larry Johnson…really? Do we even need to say much about this? Is he mad about losing or his looks? “Still richer than u,” Johnson wrote. “Keep goin. Come play our game oopps forgot you can’t . . . . Make me regret it. Lmao. U don’t stop my checks. Lmao. So ‘tweet’ away.”

I wonder if he realizes the reason he makes those fat checks is because of the audience that he so graciously adores. That being said…who cares? He’s been a head case since the jump and STILL hasn’t taken the diapers off. It’s a shame to see such a talent never amount to much because he can’t grasp the team concept.

Second, Who put Duct tape on T.O.’s mouth this year? He had pretty good guys throwing him the ball but it wasn’t enough. I’m betting that he’ll want out 5 minutes after the last game and we will all hear about it.

Third, Snider you need to hire me so I can consult you with this Redskin team.
Step 1, FIRE COACHING STAFF AND YOURSELF. SELL THE TEAM. Yes, the skins need new blood, atmosphere, and culture.(insert new owner)
Step 2, FIRE the GM.
Step 3. TRADE, Campbell, Moss, Randle El, Portis, Sellers and the entire O-LINE. Get whatever you can for them. preferably draft picks. [Editor’s note:  A Florida Marlins-esque fire sale?  That’s harsh.]
Step 4, Hire a proven, seasoned talent evaluator for a GM.
Step 5, Hire a gritty young coach with some fire in the mold of Coach Tomlin of Pittsburgh.
Step 6, FORGET the free agent market exists. You will earn a top 5 pick this year go with a QB then a RB. DRAFT DRAFT and then DRAFT some more. Keep your young guys together. Let them go through their growing pains but by all accounts keep the core together. This is most important for an O-line. Then explore free agency for solid role players.

[I also what to put on blast the censorship happening in Redskins stadium as well, no signs? WOW…apparently card board signs put fans in danger. It was later released that snider didn’t like messages on the signs being directed at him as they were in bad taste.]