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How-to draft in the NFL

Posted: November 30, 2009 in draft, NFL

It seems that some teams don’t really get drafting, even though it is a yearly ritual.  Some like to draft flashy players (looking at Oakland) or get receiver after receiver (was looking at Detroit). 

The draft is very very simple nowadays with blogs, ESPN, draftniks, and Mel Kiper.  There’s a tsunami of information about a player before he even gets to the Combine.  Stank-0 will walk you through this. 

Why the break from the normal routine?  Because for some teams, it’s time to start thinking of next year.

The first half of the 1st round: 

DO NOT draft a running back or wide receiver unless it is a can’t-miss prospect.  Basically if you have a chance at Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson aka Purple Jesus, or Calvin Johnson, then do it otherwise pass.   

Stank-0 is iffy about including quarterbacks up there because they have not done well historically with Peyton Manning being the only real exception to that rule. 

[Writer’s note:  Matt Ryan gotta put some years and consistent productivity on his career to be included in the same company as Peyton.  Fall back!]

Do draft a defensive player, mainly on the defensive line or a linebacker.  They generally pan out well.  Stank-0 believes that offense is vastly more complex than defense to learn or even get acclimated. 

Last half of the 1st round: 

Feel free to grab a wide out, hold on running backs.  A team might find their 3rd down-move-the-chains guy here.   

After the first round:

This is where the diamonds in the rough are.  You can address the needs of your team now.  There are many people still in attendance to watch anymore.  You don’t have to worry about anyone booing and acting out of pocket. 

It is at this time that you need to start looking for quality running backs.  Many of the good backs came outside of the 1st round. 


Posted: November 24, 2009 in announcement

Stank-0 is goin on vacation for Thanksgiving and anticipates the rest of the unit will be out of pocket as well.

We’ll have some opinions up on the Thanksgiving Day games as well as any sports that occurs as soon as we all recover from turkey overload return home.  If you absolutely need a sports fix, go here


This week…wow!

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

The Chiefs pulled it out in OT against the Steelers. Chris Chambers still has some life left in him. Jamaal Charles was BALLIN today. A kickoff return and a receiving TD. Stank-0 sees you stuntin boy. These situations will pay off next season. Big Ben was knocked out of the game and Charlie Batch filled in well but the Chiefs D stood tall and got the ball back. Cassel’s line: 15/30, 248 yds, and a TD. Very workman-like outing.

Next up the Giants needed OT to pull it out against the Falcons as well. Didn’t really watch that game, but the Falcons showed some heart in that game.

(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

The Lions also won on a weird ending against the free falling Browns. There was a pass interference call in the endzone that set up the Lions on the 1 yard line. They score to tie the game and then win it on the extra point. The Lions have the talent to play.  Stafford finally started throwing the ball with enough air on it cause he tossed a bomb to Calvin Johnson aka Megatron.  That boy is a burner. 

(AP Photo/J. David Ake)

The Colts won in a very low scoring affair against the Ravens. The Ravens needed TDs but only got FGs. The Colts continue to do the little things to win games. They had some new players to step in like TE Santi. Might want to deal for him in your respective fantasy leagues. Dallas Clark had the catch of the week and one-handed TD in the back of the endzone on the Colts first possession.

The Redskins hung with the Cowboys for a long time on the strength of their defense, but the Cowboys prevailed 7-6. The offense needs to hold up their end of the team. The Skins held the explosive Cowboys to 7 points?! The defense is out there entirely too long. The TD in question: Romo got outside the pocket and started directing Crayton to run a post where he hit him on the backside of the play.

(AP Photo/Phil Coale)

The Bills snatched defeast from the jaws of victory against the Jaguars. TO had 9 reception for 197 yards and a TD.

The Saints remained undefeated as well. After spoting the Bucs 7, they went on the score 38 unanswered point to win the game. Brees had 2 TDs.

The Vikings had a glorified bye week playing the Seahawks and winning 35-7. Favre had 3 TD passes on 22 of 25 passing in the 1st half! FIRST HALF!  One was to Harvin. 

Right now the Jets are down to the Patriots 7-0 on an interception.

Sunday Night is the Eagles and the Bears, should be an interesting game.

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Fan letter to the Knicks

Posted: November 20, 2009 in NBA

[Disclaimer: Stank-0 isn’t a Knickerbockers fan but M0yo is so by the Kevin Bacon 6 degrees of separation principle, Stank-0 is a fan by association.  We goin in!

Dear whomever is “running” the Knicks into the ground,

Stank-0 saw that you decided you weren’t going to pursue Allen Iverson.

Stank-0 does not hold a MBA nor is he in business, but that was a dumb business move.  AI will pack MSG every single night.  EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  No question.  He might even win you about 5-10 more games than you will with the atrocious roster you have now.  The only player worth watching is 5’10” tall. 

You didn’t want to take a chance?  Uh…Isiah Thomas’ tenure ring a bell?  Last couple drafts?  Hell, the Knicks have been a chance since you let Patrick Ewing walk!  Take a chance, my @ss. 

So you lose AI to MIA, most likely.  Do think more people will start coming because you did NOT sign AI?  Yes, he has off-the-court problems, but the Knicks have on-the-court problems.  At this point, the NY Giants have more wins than you do.  That’s not saying too much either.  You gotta do something to put @sses in the seats.  AI on the Knicks = @sses in the seats.

So Grand Knick poobah, what do you have in store for this listing franchise?  More of the same? 

While you think of a good way to make this team better (scoring more points isn’t the only answer if you are giving up just as many on defense) then Stank-0 will continue to sleep on the Knicks.  *In hibernation*

P.S. Do you know where Stank-0 can get a good Knicks throwback?


Posted: November 18, 2009 in MNF, NFL, sports opinion
(See he’s practicing already!)
This is a tad premature, but Brady Quinn will not longer be among the land of the living.  Not after he chop blocked Terrell Suggs and possibly cost Suggs the season.

See, Quinn clearly wasn’t thinking. The Ravens are your division rival and the last thing you want is an angry defense gunning for you. Stank-0 doesn’t know the Browns schedule, but Quinn has to be praying they don’t play them again this season. That boy will leave that game on a stretcher. Suggs will rehab with a picture of Quinn in his gym. That boy is toast. Whomever is coaching the Browns might want to IR him before the next Ravens’ game.

The comments from ESPN are hilarious.  Telling someone to have their head on a swivel is one thing, but to have your knees cut out is another thing.  Stank-0 poo poo’d Sapp blindsiding Chad Clifton up in Green Bay on an interception on the backside of the play a few years back.  Same for Lewis’ hit on Ocho Cinco this season.  Same for Ryan Clark knocking Wes Welker into next week.

Also taking a pulling lineman at the knees is not the same because they see you coming.  If they are pulling they are looking downfield for someone to block.   

P.S. Notice Stank-0 hasn’t even mentioned the game, because Stank-0 ain’t waste the time to watch.  How the Browns even get on MNF anymore? Where they do that at?

P.P.S. Pic courtesy of Ed the Sports Fan

Tooold ya’ll

Posted: November 18, 2009 in Kansas City Royals, MLB

Stank-0 called the Cy Young for Mr. Greinke months ago.

Greinke is playin some serious baseball right now. He is 6-0 with an ERA under 1 (.40 to be exact). Last year’s Cy Young winner, Cliff Lee, also jumped to a 6-0 start. Stank-0 believes in history.

Greinke showed flashes at times.  Young boy came a mighty long way from battling social anxiety disorders to Cy Young.. 

Honestly, who else in the AL would have gotten the nod instead?  Roy Holliday?  *Thinking*  Yeah pretty much it was Greinke. 


The biggest fight of my lifetime

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Boxing

Pacquiao took Cotto apart less than 3 day ago and already the buzz for Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is at epic levels.  Stank-0 will quote from Ed right here. 

What Ali-Frazier was, what Ali-Foreman was, what Leonard-Hearns was, what Joe Louis-Rocky Marciano was…I’m so serious right now. Mark your calendars.

Church. Tabernacle. Synagogue. Mosque. 

Stank-0 cannot see a way this fight doesn’t happen.  It will happen there’s too much money on the table for Mayweather to let this go by.  It’s not just for belts (alot between the two of them), money (PPV buy-ins will break records, trust!) it’s for the pound for pound title.  Both have been acknowledged as P4P but this one decides who is the undisputed king of boxing. 

We finally get to see if there is anyone quick enough to disrupt Mayweather’s defenses.  People are sleeping on Floyd.  The boy trains hard, and for this fight he will take it up a notch.  He already beat down a fighter who was quick (Zab Judah), what makes Pacquiao that much quicker than Judah?

Pacquiao will take his up a notch as well. 

This fight will go down in history. 

Stank-0 will put this out there right now.  We don’t have any kind of confirmation for this bout no one has even mentioned there are negotiations, but this will be the Fight of the Year maybe even the Decade

B-Hop, start getting your vocab game up, they are gonna need you ringside to give some analysis.

Stank-0 will ride with Money Mayweather to prevail in this bout.  LOCK IT UP!

If you did not watch the Patriots @ Colts on NBC, go Plaxico yourself.  You missed out! 

Stank-0 is gonna throw this out there right now.  Al jinxed the Patriots when he said that most QBs who throw for 300+ yards lose the game but Brady is the exception.  What happened?  The Comeback Colts stormed back into the game. 

Also, Stank-0 understands putting the game on ice by going for it on 4th down.  Stank-0 really does, but we are talkin about Peyton Manning gettin the ball back with a short field.  Yeah when you think about it, that’s not a hard decision to make.  PUNT!

Brady lives the life we all want to live, but Manning is the Kobe Bryant of football. He studies game film religiously, keeps copious notes, reviews notes from past games, and keeps said notes in an effing safe.  Stank-0 and his roommate wondered about all the commercials and Stank-0’s roommate posited that he prolly shoots all of them during the off-season because during the season it’s all about football. 

Stank-0 has been saying that Andre Johnson is the best receiver in the football, but will have to amend that statement.  Andre, Moss, and Fitz are the best receivers in football.  Moss put on a clinic.  Enough said. 

The 4th down call is a lil dubious.  How do you not get forward progress on the catch?  The only way is if they contend he did not have possession, which is true.  He bobbled that jawn for a minute.  Also that pass interference call felt a lil LeBron James-ish.   

NBC kept putting up the graphic “Rivalry of the Decade” after every lead-in.  It didn’t look like it in the beginning, but man that turned into a game. 

How much do the Colts miss Bob Sanders? 

Jim Caldwell is definitely part of the Dungy coaching tree. Stank-0 doesn’t think the cameras showed Caldwell saying three words all night.  He has learned well from Obi Wan Dungy.

P.S. on a non-NFL-related football note, Stank-0’s flag football team made the playoffs!!  At one point, we were 4 games below .500 and sitting two spots out of playoff contention, but came storming back and got in on the last week of the season.   


Posted: November 16, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

I don’t know if I speak for the rest of The Stankoniforous Files but I am a huge Ocho Cinco fan, but the CBS NFL crew came down pretty hard on #85. I can understand the dollar thing didn’t go over too well, but uh…who actually tries to bride someone with a single dollar?

It’s like we are told to be individuals just don’t be too individualistic, which is contradictory. Stay in your lane but go your own way. Be different but not too different. Mixed messages, much?

They also repeatedly told him to tone it down because the Bengals are winning now. ???? So inversely they were conceding that he could do whatever when the Bengals were horrible, which is another story. I’m not sure what “it” is but this is Ocho Cinco, part of it is occupation, part of it is his personality, and part of it is promotion.

Wide receivers by occupation are prima donna, I’m-open-on-every-play-even-when-I’m-not, skill position players. Think about what they do. They run patterns generally one-on-one against a defensive back. It’s just those two out there, and generally those are some of the best defensive backs on the planet playing in the NFL. It’s the Lord of the Flies with a football. If you start prevailing in those encounters it will tend to reinforce your belief in yourself.

That’s kinda goes with the territory. You don’t get to be a world class athlete playing against the best in the world without some attitude/arrogance. I mean most of the guys in the booth still think they are among the best at their position so….

I also think “it” is also his personality. It seems Ocho Cinco can’t NOT be in the spotlight. We refer to Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco out of a Cinco de Mayo stunt that just took on a life of its own. Then the TD celebrations. Riverdance. Putt-ing the football with the pylon. The resuscitation. Each better than the next. We started watching Ocho just to see what he would do after he scored a TD.

The last part of this is promotion. These men know that their NFL career at some point will end, so they have to have an exit strategy, a Plan B if you will. I’m doubtful that Ocho wants to be an analyst, it doesn’t seem to fit his personality. So he’s trying to create/generate some sources of revenue now for when his career is over.

Ocho might be the most media savvy person in the NFL and that includes the Commissioner and everyone in the NY high rises. He has created Brand Ocho and he is marketing it very well. You do not read about him on a police blotter. EVER.

The Bengals should be cutting him a check for the all the free Bengals promotion they receive off of him. When we speak of Ocho its in reference to football, not who he is or is not dating, who is his baby mama and child support payments, what’s his latest photo spread, etc. Sending deodorant to the Ravens’ secondary? BRILLIANT!

The NFL is filled with larger than life players so to expect them to go about it like its just a 9-to-5 job is a bit disingenuous. Cut Ocho some slack.

P.S. If you’re gonna bribe, son got with big faced hunnids (hundreds).


Posted: November 16, 2009 in NFL

Riddle me this, how do the Chiefs lose to the Raiders then come back and beat them today?  Stank-0 don’t get it.  If you can beat them once you can beat them twice, right? In any case, Stank-0 will take any W’s that the Chiefs can get.

There will be more on this week later.  Stank-0 had to get that off his chest, right quick.

Mr. Charles, you did your thing today son!