Posted: October 20, 2009 in Kansas City Chiefs, NFL, Washington Redskins

The Kansas City Chieftains finally got one in the win column for this season.  The Redskins are the cure for what ails a struggling team.

The score might have looked like the Chiefs put up a TD or two, but they didn’t.  It was all field goals and a safety.

The game was brutal from a spectator’s perspective.

  • Neither team’s offense really got going. 
  • Both defenses significantly outplayed the offenses.  
  • Each offense line was missing some key pieces.  

Honestly, the Chieftains should have won last week.  HELLO YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!  They played to get into overtime.  Big difference.  That was last week.

This week, the Chieftains overcame a Redskins team in their own building.

LJ, you brought your game face today.  Good lookin!  You ran hard today.  
Mr. Bowe, you sir need to learn to block.  On Cassel’s roll out if you had blocked he would have scored a TD.  Also, situational awareness.  You are trying to run out the clock so fall down.  IN BOUNDS.
Cassel was good today.  No flashy numbers.  NO TDs and NO INTs.

D line, we need more pressure (looking at Dorsey and Jackson).  McGraw should be playing more. 

Stank-0 is still up in the air about Coach Haley.  They need an intense guy not a screamer.  Haley loves to holler, scream, and drop F-bombs (if you can read lips you’ll see).  Nothing wrong with F-bombs but he drops at least 4 every game.   

Gentlemen, you aren’t gonna win on talent.  You have to win on heart and hustle.  Let’s get ready for next week!

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