Separation Sunday

Posted: October 20, 2009 in NFL

Let’s not mince words, dear readers.  Right now the New Orleans Saints are the team to beat in the NFC if not the entire league.  The Giants’ D, which is no slouch by the way, got shredded by Drew Brees.  He looked like a video game out there…and let’s not forget the Saints’ D.  They did what they had to do.  Saints smacked around the Gmen 48-27 NO TYPO. 

Right underneath them is the Vikings.  If Brees does not run away with the MVP, a certain Brett Favre could sneak up and take that jawn.  It’s like he’s the gunslinger of old….with the NFL’s best back, AD aka Purple Hayseus, as an insurance policy.  He’s gonna make Sydney Rice a star.  Stank-0 is becoming more and more a fan of Joe Flacco.  He looks like he could fall asleep he’s so nonchalant out there.  You can’t blame the loss on Joe Cool.  He calmly drove them down the field to win with a field goal…meh.   

Look, Stank-0 is not sold that Tom Brady is indeed back.  It was the Titans for goodness sake.  Jimmy Clausen (with his ND O line) could have thrown 6 TDs on them.  The Jets drubbing them a few weeks ago may have awakened a sleeping giant because they hung 59 points on the Titans.  Time to give Vince a chance! 

In our UPSET SPECIAL, the Raiders upended the Iggles 13-9 in the Black Hole.  Brewing QB controversy in the City of Brotherly Love?  The Iggles passed waaaaay too much against a 30th ranked run defense.  It was something like 70/30 pass to run.  They wasted a healthy Brian Westbrook as well. 

Stank-0 already covered the Chieftains victory over the Dead…err…Redskins

The Broncos are certainly the class of the AFC.  Stank-0 did say they ain’t play nobody after the 3-0 start.  Then what did they do?  Beat the Patriots in Denver, then travel to SD and mollywop the Chargahs in their own house.  EDDIE ROYAL STAND UP SON!  He singlehandedly turned the tide of the game.  Uh…after the first run back, stop kickin to him.  Oh and that catch by Scheffler was DISGUSTING! An over-the-shoulder joint and the toe tap to boot.
Less Tomlinson and more Sproles.  Never forget the game marches on.  Why keep forcing the ball to bum receivers when you got an instant mismatch with A Gates?  GO TO HIM!   

The Bengals were bound to come back to Earth and they picked the wrong time to do it….against the Houston Andre Johnsons.  They made Matt Schaub look like a Pro Bowler.  Regroup gentlemen and get er done! 

Oh and a reminder, you might want to skip next Monday’s game: the Iggles vs. the Redskins.  The Iggles will come out angry about the loss to the hapless Raiders and the Redskin Nation is in tailspin. Snoozer! 


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