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Is there hate in my heart?

Posted: October 14, 2009 in Boston, MLB, NBA, NFL, sports opinion

(Fenway Park, Boston)

Dear readers, Stank-0 needs your help.  It’s a sports matter of national security utter importance.  Let’s give some background. 

Stank-0 is not a fan of obnoxious fans.  Never have been never will be.  When Stank-0’s beloved J-Hawks took the title in 2008, Stank-0 was very glad to have them win but didn’t go around rubbing it in people’s faces unless they were from Missouri or K-State. ZING!.

This brings me to Boston fans. Yes, the entire spectrum of fans in Beantown aka the most northern Southern city in America.  When their troika of teams started to collect titles, a significant portion of their fans became absolutely unbearable (read: @ssholes).  When the Patriots got there three quick titles, the new found confidence was understandable.  When the BoSox broke the curse, the increasing braggadocio was warranted.  The BoSox had been cursed for goodness sake.  We (unofficially) reached the point of no return after the Pats’ 3rd title.  They crossed the line when the BoSox won the 2nd title, and they have been habitually line steppin after the Celtics won their last title a few seasons ago. 

Stank-0 chronicles this all for you because Stank-0 worries he may have hate in his heart towards Boston sports fans.  See, Stank-0’s roommate (and good friend) is from Beantown.  He loves his Boston teams through and through.  He asked Stank-0 to check on the Angels vs. BoSox game last Sunday, and the BoSox were up.  He seemed relieved.  Stank-0 didn’t know the Angels were up 2 games to zero because Stank-0 finds baseball, especially playoff baseball, to be excruciatingly BORING.  It’s even slower than regular season baseball, but that’s another blog for another day.

When he asked me later for the score, the Angels had rallied to win the game and the series.  Outwardly, Stank-0 sympathized with his roommate’s sorrow.  OUTWARDLY.  Inwardly, there was a gleefull smile at the BoSox losing and their chances at another World Series title dashed.  Couple that with the hated Broncos beating the Patriots in Denver, and you had one horrendous Boston sports weekend.

So there’s the story.  Is Stank-0 a Boston hater or is this karma for the @ssholery on the part of Boston fans?  The floor is yours.