Taking stock of thus far

Posted: October 8, 2009 in NFL

This was partly inspired by a blog post.  Stank-0 was actually goin to write at the half way point, but why not now and then at the halfway point? 

What do we know at this point?  Not much because we are only 4 games in and there’s still alot of football left to play.

The AFC is as jumbled as always.  Right now you could name at least 6-8 teams off the top that could be in the AFC title game:  New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Baltimore.  San Diego, Denver, and Cincinnati, and New York are right behind them.

The Titans are turrible (shout to Sir Charles). Straight up. There’s nothin more that needs to be said. There are a few questions, has Kerry Collins hit his ceiling now? Will Vince get a call in the next few weeks? What is the matter with the Titans?  Was Albert Haynesworth that integral to their success last year?

My Chieftains are in danger of being this season’s Detroit Lions.  When the Raiders (the most dysfunctional team in the NFL) mollywopped them, that took away one of the few W’s Stank-0 had penciled in for them.  Even with my team in danger of being the new Lions, Stank-0 will be patient and give Pioli and Haley time to put the pieces in place.  Honestly, if you guys build a defensive team that has to play the field position game, Stank-0 is cool with that. 

The NFC seems to have shaken itself out relatively quickly.  Right now there are two teams ready to play in the NFC Championship game:  The New York football Giants and the New Orleans Saints.  Everyone else is bringin up the rear.   

Another surprise is the San Francisco 49ers.  No one (except die hard live-and-die 9ers fans) saw this coming.  No one.  Some credit has to go to Coach Singletary.  Honestly, how can you go wrong listening to a HOF player?  Yes, he’s old school but Stank-0 doubts the players care because they are WINNING! 

Another team making a move is the Minnesota Vikings.  Stank-0 will merely say that anyone that didn’t catch the first half of the MNF game missed a masterpiece.  As much as Stank-0 hates the slobfest the media gives Favre, Stank-0 likes to watch Favre play.  This will be beneficial for the QBs watchin him. Jackson and Rosenfels will soak up some serious game just being around Favre in practice, on the sidelines during the game, and in the film room. 

AD, Stank-0 won’t say change how you run, but put the top on the pot.  Fifteen fumbles and you are only in your 3rd year?  That’s unacceptable.  Stank-0 doesn’t care how good you are.   

Ed called it a while back.  Jake Delhomme is finished, stick a fork in him; he’s done.  Stank-0 thinks it’s the Tommy Johns surgery.  Who knows?  Do they still have David Carr?  If so, heaven help them. 

Everyone’s favorite target, Tony Romo, has to miss T.O. at this point.  Has too.  The Cowboys offense does not have the same scoring ease.  Everything looks more difficult.  Stank-0 will say it over and over.  The Cowboys traded for the wrong Lions’ wideout.  To stretch the field, they needed Calvin Johnson.  Period. 

This is why we watch the game. 

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