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Stay or go?

Posted: October 4, 2009 in college football
Brian Brohm

Let’s start with a basic definition:  Brohmitis, which is a highly acclaimed player (generally QB) who decides to stay another year in college after his name was thrown around as a high draft pick.  Named after Brian Brohm of Louisville who stayed another year.  Upon entering the draft, scouts nitpicked his game apart.  Clearly Brohm should have struck while the iron was hot. 

Stank-0 feels like the next victim(s) of Brohmitis is Sam Bradford (and Tim Tebow).  Let’s run down their cases. 

Sam Bradford won the Heisman last season, took the Sooners to the National Championship game, and had the greatest 5 game offensive stretch in college football history.  During those five games, the Sooner scored at least 60 points.  A GAME.  He had buzz and was on everyone’s radar.  Then he decides to return for this season.

What happens?  He gets knocked out of the first game of the season.  Scouts will most likely knock him for being fragile come draft time. 

Sam Bradford’s Injury

Tim Tebow won himself a Heisman, a pair of National Championships, and became the darling of college football.  If you believe the analysts, people are healed by merely touching the bottom of Tebow’s garment, and he’s a humanitarian.  Tebow won a title last season and his buzz was of stratospheric proportions.  What does he do?  Stay in school. 

What happened?  Last week, he got knocked the eff out of a game.  Tebow suffered a concussion.  Now scouts are casting doubt on his ability to play QB in the NFL.  They are throwing out the idea he should convert to TE. 

Tim Tebow Concussion

tim tebow concussion regular speed

As much as Stank-0 loves the college guys stayin for another year, when you have the success that Bradford and Tebow have had, why stay and risk your career in the NFL?  Stank-0 can understand why Bradford came back, gettin that close to a chip is motivation enough.  Tebow?  Not so much.  A Heisman and two chips?  Time to move on, pimpin. 

Stank-0 is willing to bet that Brohmitis will get Tebow before Bradford.  All those accolades and you still stay?  What more do you have to prove?  That you are the best college football player of all time?  Not even remotely gonna happen.  Unless Tebow puts up all world numbers, he will not win another Heisman. 

So dear readers, Brohmitis real or not? 

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