Week 3

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

OH man …week 3 was eventful. You got to call the lions the top story of the week. It’s not because it was a win against a marquee team or anything but going 0-19 and snapping that type of streak is a big deal. I for one was not even a bit surprised to see the Redskins fall and you could just tell by how the game felt that it was coming. I don’t even know how to explain the Redskins honestly. They need more than a blow up of the roster. I’d say a culture change was in order. Something’s got to give though. Being “that team” who finally gives it up has to say something about the organization in its entirety. I’m happy for the lions though It was like watching Simba return to pride rock when I as a kid. Uncle Scar took a plunge. (Skins) and a happy ending ensued. The only thing that was missing was the baboon and his stick. Lions 19 Skins 14.

Let’s talk about the young performers for a moment though shall we? I need to give B-more a shout out because I didn’t really say much in reference to them last week. Flacco really seems to be progressing nicely. The kid has at times carried a Veteran- laden team. He’s earned his respect and I’m giving it up to him. Ravens completely dominated both sides of the ball. Black Birds 34 Turds 3.

Now, I can’t say Flacco without talking about Mark Sanchez. The numbers aren’t that great and he doesn’t have the arm Flacco has but for the first three games he has been a very passionate leader and has done enough to keep his team moving the ball on offense. Lowering a shoulder on an NFL safety was ballsy in my opinion but let’s face it, if the Jets are going anywhere right now, the defense will take them there. Sanchez just needs to try to be Big Ben when he was a rookie. The talent is there at other spots on the field. Jets 24 Titans 17

The run down…

The G-men did what was expected. Giants 24 Bucs 0

Packers got back on track and laid the smacketh down on the Lou. Pack 36 Rams 17

Philly made it look easy…a little too easy. Eagles 34 Chiefs 14

Atlanta decided to be a no show in New England. Pats 26 Falcons 10

The Houston Andre Johnson’s came up short at home. Jags 31 H-town 24

New Orleans …. Buffalo….duh……..27 to 7 (T.O. will geek out very soon I promise)

Da bears went up to the Monsoon city and got their W. City of Chi 25 Seagulls 19

Cincy took out the champs and should be 3-0 right now. Who DAT 23 Thieves 20

Miami is still win less. Can you say one trick pony? Wild What? Chargers 23 MIA 13

Oakland got clobbered by Denver 23 to 3

Arizona Did the same at the hands of the Colts. 31-10 on MNF

One quick side note before we leave. Those who know me know I am a Favre fan. The only thing better than that pass he threw Sunday was the catch the receiver made.(I dare someone to name him without looking it up) A lot of people aren’t fond of Favre especially considering the retirement fence he seems to stay on but this is why you watch Favre. There is a sort of Magic that you always feel might happen when he plays. Abnormally good things always tend to happen and as long as you can take the good with the bad…The good is usually greatness.

And I’m out!

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