Goon hunt, part 2

Posted: September 29, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

So if you have been reading, you saw part one of Stank-0’s NFL goon hunt. Too avoid being excessively wordy and to make you come back for the next installment, it was split into two parts AFC and NFC. We covered the AFC so it’s the NFC’s turn now.

NFC East:

Giants: Brandon Jacobs aka the Hammer and Justin Tuck are the only players with enough goon in them to warrant any mention. Jacobs has run over too many people to not have some goon in him. Osi didn’t make this list because he seems to nice on the gridiron. He gotta show Stank-0 something.

Cowboys: Marion Barber and DeMarcus Ware. Mr. Stiff Arm has to make this list. He just runs mean. Ware is a problem. You can’t block him (No Dwight Howard) and he’s the only defensive player you have to account for all the time.
Redskins: London Fletcher and Laron Landry. Fletcher folded Jacobs last week, enough said. He plays with a chip on his shoulder and Landry is just lookin to hit someone out there.

Eagles: They have quite a few on this team. Maybe it’s because of the city or the fans, but they have an unnatural number of players with goon tendencies. Surprisingly, they have a number on offense.

NFC West:

49ers: Stank-0 is gonna surprise you but the first name (and maybe the only name) on this list from this team is Coach Singletary. His rant for last year is Exhibit A of how he is built.

Seahawks: HAHAHAHAHA. Moving along.

Cardinals: Anquan Boldin. Anyone who gets knocked smooth out of a game and is back in two weeks is grade A goon.

Rams: Coming up empty.

NFC North:

Vikings: the Williams’ boys and Jared Allen. Allen looks like he could get kicked out of the league tomorrow and become a bounty hunter the next day.

Packers: uh….Stank-0 will let M0yo answer that one.

Bears: Jay Cutler, and most of the defense. Cutler went straight gutter in forcing his way to the city of Wind. That gets you a goon stamp. The Bears D in general is a goon mob, but a few players are a cut above the rest.

Lions: none to speak of but may the organization is starting to morph into something close.

NFC South:

Falcons: nope too many nice and presentable character guys.
Saints: Jeremy Shockey has a goon feel to him, but that does not necessarily make him one.

Panthers: Julius Peppers and Steve Smith. Peppers been acting up since he was at UNC and Steve Smith cemented his bonafides when he sonned Jake Delhomme on the sidelines. He was already guaranteed a place in the goon HOF when he beat down a teammate last year during training camp.

Bucs: Kellen Winslow is the at the top of their team’s list. Aqib Talib and Cadillac show some flashes from time to time.

[Shout out to Ed the Sports Fan]

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