Week 3 special

Posted: September 27, 2009 in NFL, sports opinion

Week 3 was supposed to be all about Vick and the Eagles.  They toyed with the Chieftains however they liked.  It wasn’t even close and Dwayne Bowe’s injury removed the one skill player the Chiefs even had.  That’s not even the biggest story of the week. 

The Iggles skill players are comin into their own. 

McNabb’s injury is a blessing in disguise.  Kolb gets some valuable playing time and he gets some familiarity with the skill players. 

The DETRIOT LIONS finally won a game!  The Skins did not get it in gear soon enough and fell.  Mark Stafford has a howitzer for an arm.  Once he learns some touch, he will be dangerous. 

Stank-0 still believes the Cowboys traded for the wrong Lions wideout.  Calvin Johnson is a manimal, meast, manster, etc.  He is 6’5″, 220 lbs.  Roy Williams just doesn’t have that “it” factor.  Q, Fitz, Moss, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Santana Moss, Ocho Cinco, and Brandon Marshall have “it.” 

Stank-0 is officially a Mark Sanchez believer.  That kid has “it.”  He won’t wow you with his arm but he makes plays.  Maybe 16 collegiate games is all you need.  *Shrugs* 

Stank-0 will let M0yo come through and bless us with more NFL posts. 

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